Understanding UGC Rates: A Beginner’s Pricing Guide

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Ever felt like you’re wandering through a maze when trying to figure out UGC rates and pricing? Yeah, me too.

Navigating UGC rates and pricing can be quite a complex endeavor. You’ve got your standard rates for single videos, the bundles that promise discounts – it feels like stepping into a bustling market!

And don’t even get me started on how creators manage to squeeze in some extra bucks with their clever upselling strategies. It’s all about those additional concepts or CTAs – I tell ya, they’re sneaky!

But what if we could crack this code together?

Not only will we distinguish between user-generated content and influencer rates, but also delve into the significance of video length. We’ll explore bundle discounts and how creators can effectively set them up. And as a cherry on top, brace yourself as we’re about to unveil some industry secrets!

Table Of Contents:

Understanding UGC Rates

User-generated content has revolutionized the marketing landscape, providing an authentic and relatable experience that encourages more engagement than standard ads. It’s authentic, relatable, and drives more engagement than traditional advertisements. But let’s talk turkey: How much does it cost? Understanding UGC rates is like solving a jigsaw puzzle – every piece matters.

Distinguishing Between UGC and Influencer Rates

First off, don’t confuse UGC with influencer content; they’re different species in the same ecosystem. Imagine buying an apple at a supermarket versus picking one straight from the tree. Both are apples, but their value changes based on factors such as freshness or convenience.

Influencers charge based on their audience size, niche relevance, and how engaged that audience is. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, influencers with 1K-10K followers can earn $88 per post on average while those with over 100k followers could ask for upwards of $2000.

In contrast, pricing for User Generated Content considers other variables beyond just follower count.

Importance of Video Length in UCG Pricing

The length of your video plays a significant role when determining its price tag. Think about it like ordering pasta at your favorite Italian joint – if you order spaghetti alla carbonara plus extra pancetta… well my friend… that’ll cost ya’.

Average & Median Rate Based On Video Length:
Average rate for single vertical video (15-60 sec) $212
Median rate for single vertical video (15-60 sec) $150

into making it. The length and complexity of the video can directly impact its cost. After all, creating a short 15-second vertical video is often less time-consuming and complex than producing a minute-long one.

Bundling Discounts in UGC Pricing

When strategizing a UGC campaign, it’s important to identify ways of getting the most value for your money – one such method is bundling discounts. One savvy strategy that can save brands big bucks is bundling discounts.

Benefits of Bundling for Brands

If you’ve ever gone shopping at a wholesale club or purchased a cable package, then you know all about the allure of bundling. It’s not just about getting more—it’s also about saving more. In fact, when it comes to UGC content creation, brands can reap substantial savings by opting for bundled services.

The key advantage here lies in economies of scale—just like buying in bulk from Costco helps reduce costs per unit item bought. Similarly, purchasing bundles of 5 videos results in an average discount rate of 19%, leading to significant cost savings and leaving you with extra funds for other aspects of your marketing strategy.

How Creators Set Bundle Rates

You might be wondering: “How do creators determine their bundle rates?” Well let me tell ya—it’s both art and science. Just as artists price their work based on time spent crafting masterpieces combined with materials used; similarly UGC creators take into account several factors while setting up their bundle rates.

To start off they look at production expenses—the hours put into creating each video piece adds up quickly and raw materials such as equipment wear-and-tear need accounting too. Then there’s talent fees—if influencers are involved—and rights usage considerations if brand intends wider distribution scope beyond initial agreement parameters.

This intricate balancing act ensures that even after offering discounted prices through bundles (like our noted $170/video rate), creators are still compensated fairly for their efforts without sacrificing quality output—a win-win situation indeed.

The Math Behind Bundling

Let’s do some computations to show the advantages of packaging. Let’s say you’re eyeing five individual videos priced at $212 each (the average rate for single 9:16 vertical UGC video between 15-60 seconds in length). That’d run you around $1,060 total.

But if you make the choice to proceed, keep in mind…

Key Takeaway: 

Getting the most out of your UGC campaign budget is crucial. A smart strategy to save big is bundling discounts, giving brands more content while also reducing costs. When you bundle services like purchasing 5 videos together, you could get an average discount rate of 19%, leading to substantial savings. Striking a balance between production expenses and fair compensation becomes key in setting these rates.

Upselling Strategies in UGC

In UGC, upselling is an art that requires creativity to maximize returns from each project. As creators, we need to be clever about our approach to increase income from each project.

Upselling Through Additional Concepts

The idea is simple: instead of creating one video concept for a brand, why not pitch multiple? This allows brands to get more variety and fresh content. For us creators, this means getting paid more while working with the same client.

To give you an idea about pricing, offering additional concepts can bring in some serious cash. Let’s say you usually charge $200 for a single video concept – by providing two or three alternative ideas as part of your package deal could allow you to apply a 25% discount on individual videos but still earn significantly more overall.

Utilizing Hooks and CTAs for Upselling

Hooks and Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are essential elements that can take your UGC game up another notch. A well-crafted hook grabs attention right at the start, while effective CTAs guide viewers towards taking action – whether it’s visiting a website or making a purchase.

If used correctly these components don’t only add value to the viewer experience but also provide another avenue for earning extra bucks. Think about charging around $50 per additional hook/CTA – pretty sweet deal if I may say so myself.

Pricing for Usage Rights and Raw Footage

  • Pricing Consideration:
  • – Usage rights cost
  • – Raw footage price

Now, let’s talk about usage rights and raw footage. This might seem a bit tricky to beginners, but trust me – it’s not as complex as you think.

Expect to shell out anywhere from 30-50% for these two components. A broad span, but it should help in making arrangements.

Key Takeaway: 

Master the art of upselling in UGC to boost your income. Pitch multiple video concepts instead of one, apply discounts but earn more overall. Enhance viewer experience and earnings with well-crafted hooks and CTAs. Don’t overlook usage rights and raw footage; they can contribute significantly to your revenue.

Pricing for Usage Rights and Raw Footage

When you’re a UGC creator, one of the major factors that come into play while determining your rates is the pricing for usage rights and raw footage. Let’s explore this further.

The Price Tag on Usage Rights

Usage rights are essentially permissions given by creators to brands allowing them to use their content in specific ways. The price attached to these rights typically ranges from 30% to 50% of the overall video cost, depending on how broadly and frequently the brand intends to use it.

This means if you create a stunning piece of content that catches a brand’s eye, they may want exclusive rights to share it across all platforms – social media channels, websites or even TV commercials. For this broad level usage right over an extended period like six months or more, expect a bump up in your earnings by about half of what you charged for creating that content initially.

Understanding usage rights isn’t just crucial from an income perspective but also ensures protection against unauthorized uses which can harm your reputation as well as limit potential future earnings with other brands who might be interested in similar exclusive deals.

Moving onto raw footage pricing – think about this scenario: You shoot hours worth of video only after carefully planning out concepts and scripts. Once edited down, there’s probably still tons left untouched – high-quality stuff. It makes sense then why many clients would ask for access not just final cut but everything else too. But should they get it free?

No way. Your creative process involved work, and that has value. Here’s where raw footage pricing comes into play. Brands may want to repurpose the extra content for various uses – think snippets on Instagram stories or quick ads.

Now you’re not just selling them a polished final product but also providing access to potential future content they can utilize as needed. But how much should you charge? Well, there isn’t an industry standard here, but many creators use their hourly editing rate as a starting point then adjust according to client needs and budget constraints.

But it’s not just about understanding how to charge, it’s crucial too.

Key Takeaway: 

When setting UGC rates, account for both usage rights and raw footage pricing. Usage rights can be 30-50% of the total video cost, with broad use over extended periods boosting your earnings. Raw footage has value too – don’t give it away. Consider charging based on your hourly editing rate and adjust to meet client needs.

FAQs in Relation to Ugc Rates and Pricing Guide

How much should you charge for UGC content?

The price varies based on factors like video length and complexity. But, typically a single 15-60 second vertical video might cost around $212.

How do I price myself as a UGC creator?

Pricing depends on your unique skills, audience size, and niche relevance. Consider these factors and the current market rates to set your prices.

What is standard UGC rate?

Average rates are about $212 per 9:16 vertical video between 15-60 seconds long. However, bundles of five videos may be discounted by roughly 19%.

How do I charge for UGC usage rights?

You can usually add an additional fee of around 30-50% of the original price when charging for usage rights or raw footage in addition to the base rate.


UGC rates and pricing guide can seem like a puzzle, right? But we’ve managed to uncover the mystery.

We’ve explored how UGC differs from influencer rates. We learned about audience size, engagement rate, and niche relevance.

Did you grasp the role of video length in pricing? With an average cost of $212 for 15-60 second videos – that’s crucial info!

Bundling discounts were also on our radar. Brands save with this approach while creators cleverly set their prices.

Last but not least: upselling strategies! From additional concepts to CTAs, these tricks help creators increase income substantially.

So there you have it! Now go forth armed with knowledge and conquer your next UGC campaign!

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