6 Essential Tips for Content & UGC Creators Emailing Brands to Secure Deals

6 Essential Tips for UGC & Content Creators Emailing Brands to Secure Deals

In the digital age, securing brand deals is crucial for content creators, so we’ve gathered 6 expert tips from CEOs, Directors, and Managers. From offering genuine, specific collaboration to personalizing and illustrating mutual benefits, these seasoned professionals provide their number six advice for crafting emails that stand out. Dive into the insights shared by our most experienced voices in content creation and marketing.

  • Offer Genuine, Specific Collaboration
  • Craft a Personalized Value-Driven Message
  • Highlight Value and Strategic Concepts
  • Promote Brands You Passionately Use
  • Provide Clear Promotion and ROI Details
  • Personalize and Illustrate Mutual Benefits


Offer Genuine, Specific Collaboration

When reaching out to brands, be genuine and specific about what you can offer. Start by researching the brand thoroughly, understanding their values, and identifying how your content aligns with their goals. 


Personalize your email by addressing a specific person and referencing their recent work or campaigns. Clearly outline the mutual benefits of collaboration, showcasing past examples where you’ve driven significant engagement and results. 


Be concise but compelling, highlighting your unique skills and the value you bring to enhance their brand presence. Be confident in your abilities and back up your claims with metrics or testimonials to build credibility.


Valentin Radu, CEO, Founder, Blogger, Speaker, and Podcaster, Omniconvert


Craft a Personalized Value-Driven Message

To effectively email brands and secure deals, focus on creating a personalized and value-driven message. Highlight your unique strengths and how they align with the brand’s goals. Demonstrate your understanding of their audience and propose specific ways you can enhance their reach or engagement. 


Use clear, concise language, and include metrics to showcase your impact. Attach a media kit and relevant examples of past collaborations. Emphasize the mutual benefits of the partnership, and ensure you follow up if there’s no initial response. Having built countless successful business relationships in my career, I know that a tailored, results-oriented approach stands out to brands.


Ace Zhuo, Business Development Director (Sales and Marketing), Tech and Finance Expert, TradingFXVPS


Highlight Value and Strategic Concepts

When reaching out to brands through email, content creators should always put value before a straight request. Instead of starting with a request for sponsorship or free products, highlight your expertise and how it connects with the brand’s target demographic. Highlight your impressive audience demographics that match the brand’s ideal customer.


Consider coming up with creative content concepts that closely align with the brand’s values and goals. Ideas should be unique and compelling, demonstrating your understanding of the brand and target audience.


By showcasing a clear strategic collaboration, you are genuinely interested in forming a mutually beneficial partnership. Emphasize the value that your proposed content concepts will add to the brand, illustrating how they will increase the company’s visibility and resonate with its target audience, thus improving the likelihood of a successful agreement.


Faizan Khan, Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK


Promote Brands You Passionately Use

My number one tip is to reach out to brands you already use and love. By doing so, you can show your passion for the brand and willingness to promote them to your audience because you already use and would recommend their products.


When you send an email to the brand, it is also important to include any previous content you have made around the brand. This will further show the brand that you would be a great creator to work with.


Karalee Shotola, Content Creator


Provide Clear Promotion and ROI Details

Influencer marketing is a relatively new form of digital marketing, and many brands are unsure how to go about it, primarily because it can be tough to measure the ROI of such campaigns. 


So, if you are reaching out to a brand to propose a collaboration, be as clear as possible about your average social media reach, what form the promotion will take, and how the brand will track the campaign’s effectiveness. 


When businesses have clarity about what they will achieve and how they will verify the information you provide, you are more likely to get a positive response. Your pitch deck should be visual-heavy, focusing on showing what is possible, as opposed to discussing ideas or themes.


Rob Clegg, Senior Content Manager, Exclaimer


Personalize and Illustrate Mutual Benefits

Reaching out in a way that is personalized merely demonstrates that you did some homework and you are eager to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship, not just send brands a stock message and hope for the best.


Be sure to send an intriguing email that compels the brand to open it. Briefly introduce yourself, including what makes you a good fit for the brand, as well as insights into your content performance such as followers, engagement rate, and demographics, plus other relevant information. Mentioning names of brands can illustrate that you did your research and are serious about that particular brand.


Explicitly define how your co-creation idea will benefit the brand and how it aligns with their goals. Indicate what you can provide: posts, stories, videos, etc. For the brand to trust that you can deliver, include links to previous work or a media kit with your best collaborations and results.


Staci Anderson, Director of Marketing, Raynor Garage Doors

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