UGC Examples: 7 Innovative Ways Brands Utilize User-Generated Content (UGC)

7 Innovative Ways Brands Utilize User-Generated Content (UGC)

In the dynamic world of marketing, user-generated content (UGC) has become a pivotal element for brand authenticity and engagement. We’ve gathered insights from seven marketing experts, including Marketing Managers and CEOs, to share how they’re leveraging UGC. From humanizing brands through employee-generated content to igniting brand engagement with competitions, discover the diverse strategies employed by industry leaders.

  • Employee-Generated Content Humanizes Brand
  • Authentic Testimonials Inspire Clients
  • Social Feedback Guides Content Creation
  • Success Stories Enhance Credibility
  • Learner Feedback Shapes Courses
  • Real-Life Endorsements Boost Trust
  • Competitions Ignite Brand Engagement


Employee-Generated Content Humanizes Brand

We use user-generated content created by our employees to humanize our brand and connect with our social media audiences on a deeper level. This mindset runs throughout our entire organization, no matter the department or level of seniority—our CEO is very on board! 


One example that generated great engagement was a LinkedIn brand channel takeover with one of our customer success team members. It even led to some earned media in a popular social media publication!


Emily Neal, Marketing Manager, DSMN8


Authentic Testimonials Inspire Clients

At Destify, user-generated content (UGC) plays a pivotal role in our marketing strategy. We leverage authentic testimonials from couples and showcase real destination weddings to build trust and inspire potential clients. By sharing genuine experiences, we create a relatable and aspirational narrative for our audience.


One specific example: We have a dedicated section on our website and social media platforms where we highlight Destify Couple Testimonials. These are heartfelt stories and reviews from couples who have used our services for their destination weddings. Each testimonial is accompanied by stunning photos and videos from their special day, capturing the unique beauty and joy of their weddings.


This not only provides prospective clients with visual proof of our work but also helps them envision their dream wedding. By showcasing these authentic moments, we emphasize the personal touch and reliability of Destify, reinforcing our brand’s commitment to creating unforgettable destination weddings.


Garrett Nutgrass, Marketing Content Strategist, Destify


Social Feedback Guides Content Creation

One creative application of UGC at our company involves leveraging user feedback on social media to guide our content-creation process. We monitor what users are saying about topics related to our industry and use these insights to create content that speaks directly to their interests and needs. This strategy helps us to produce highly relevant and timely content that our audience is more likely to engage with and share, thus enhancing our content marketing efforts.


A great example of this approach in action was during a webinar series we hosted on the future of SEO. We used questions and comments from previous social media interactions as the basis for the session topics, directly addressing the concerns and curiosities of our audience. The result was a highly engaged audience and increased shareability of our webinar content, as attendees felt it was specifically tailored to them.


Jason Hennessey, CEO, Hennessey Digital


Success Stories Enhance Credibility

At RankWatch, we actively utilize user-generated content (UGC) to enhance our brand’s credibility and engagement. One specific strategy we employ is encouraging our users to share their success stories and experiences using our platform. We invite them to submit detailed case studies showcasing how RankWatch has helped them improve their SEO efforts and achieve their business goals.


For example, a client recently shared a comprehensive case study about how our SEO tools significantly increased their organic traffic and search rankings within six months. We featured this case study on our blog and social media channels, providing valuable insights to our audience and demonstrating the real-world impact of our services. This UGC serves as powerful social proof and fosters a sense of community and trust among our users. By showcasing authentic user experiences, we build stronger connections with our audience and reinforce the value of our platform.


Sahil Kakkar, CEO and Founder, RankWatch


Learner Feedback Shapes Courses

I have developed various digital marketing courses and modules throughout my career. One of the most important aspects of creating an effective course is to constantly seek feedback from learners and incorporate it into the content. Firstly, before developing any course or module, it is essential to understand the target audience and their learning needs. 


Once the course is developed, it is important to collect feedback from learners at various stages—before the course launch, during the course, and after its completion. During the pre-launch phase, I usually conduct focus groups or individual interviews with a sample of learners who fit my target audience. This helps me understand their expectations, preferred learning style, and any gaps in their knowledge that need to be addressed in the course. 


Based on this feedback, I make necessary adjustments to the content, structure, and delivery method of the course. Once the course is launched, I encourage learners to provide feedback through surveys or open discussion forums. This not only allows them to express their opinions but also helps me identify areas for improvement.


Alex Taylor, Head of Marketing, CrownTV


Real-Life Endorsements Boost Trust

At Custom Neon, user-generated content (UGC) plays a pivotal role in our marketing strategy. By encouraging our customers to share their experiences, we harness the power of real-life endorsements to promote our products and build trust.


Inside each package, we include a vibrant flyer with easy-to-follow instructions and a call-to-action: “Tag us on Instagram @customneon.” This placement is ideal as customers are excited and often capture and share images of their signs as soon as they unbox them.


Once tagged, we congratulate customers on their signage design and ask permission to use their imagery across our website, social media, and other PR channels. Most are only too happy to say yes. This approach is great for garnering content to create a visually striking site, while also showcasing our capabilities.


One example of UGC utilization is our checkout page, where customer reviews are displayed as social proof. This reinforces to our prospective customers that they can shop with confidence, knowing we have thousands of 5-star verified reviews; we are a brand they can trust. Such a simple strategy has had a significant impact on cart abandonment.


UGC is a cost-effective yet powerful tool in enhancing a brand’s authenticity and reach. I’d recommend any business capitalize on it.


Kit Henseleit, Global Operations Manager, Custom Neon


Competitions Ignite Brand Engagement

The response was fantastic! We received hundreds of genuine entries showcasing the value we deliver. It boosted brand engagement, and the winning post—a time-lapse video from a busy trucking company—became a centerpiece for a new marketing campaign. It’s authentic, relatable, and shows the real impact of our service. UGC is a win-win—happy customers, a stronger brand story, and fresh content for our marketing team.


For instance, we recently held an Instagram competition called “Fuel Your Hustle.” We asked customers to share photos or videos of how Fuel Logic helped them overcome their daily struggles—construction workers refueling in the middle of the night and delivery drivers thanking us for keeping them moving.


The response was terrific! Hundreds of posts came in, all natural and showing our value. This increased brand engagement and helped the post that won—a time-lapse video from a bustling trucking company—become the centerpiece of a brand-new marketing campaign. It’s real, it’s relatable, and it shows the actual value of our service.


UGC is a win for all involved—happy customers, a stronger brand narrative, and new content for our marketing department.


Eliot Vancil, CEO, Fuel Logic

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