UGC Creator Platforms

From $0 To Your First Paid Brand Deal.

We help complete beginners (web 2 & web 3) generate online income, from $0 to their first $1000 through UGC (Video, Tweets, Reviews etc)

After completing our course, we provide ongoing support by connecting our creators with job opportunities until they secure their first lucrative brand partnership or paid UGC deal.

  • This platform connects brands with influencers for effective marketing campaigns.
  • is a platform that helps influencers and creators monetize their content.
  • Insense: Insense is a creative platform for brands and influencers to collaborate and produce engaging content.
  • Collabstr: This is a marketplace for influencers where brands can easily find and collaborate with them.
  • Popular Pays: Popular Pays is a platform for brands to collaborate with creators and influencers to create content and stories.
  • Join Brands: Join Brands is a platform that connects influencers with brands for marketing collaborations.
  • Cohely: Cohely is a community management tool that helps brands create and manage their own communities of influencers.
  • Collabor8: Collabor8 is a platform that connects influencers and brands for collaborations.
  • Backstage: Backstage is a platform for actors, models, and other performers to find gigs, including influencer opportunities.
  • Cohley is a content platform that helps brands generate high-quality content through influencers.
  • Skeepers is a platform that provides various tools for customer reviews and feedback.
  • (now HypeAuditor is an AI-powered Instagram, TikTok and YouTube analytics tool that helps marketers to discover influencers.
  • Grin is an end-to-end influencer marketing platform that helps brands build influencer programs.
  • provides a partnership automation solution that drives growth for businesses.
  • Activate is a platform for influencer marketing and creator management.
  • Traackr is an influencer marketing platform that helps brands find influencers and manage relationships.
  • Billo is a platform that connects brands with video content creators.
  • Twirl UGC: Twirl UGC is a platform that helps businesses collect and use user-generated content.
  • Vidovo is a video marketing platform that connects brands with creators to produce video content.
  • hashtagPaid: HashtagPaid is a platform that connects influencers with brands to create authentic and engaging content.

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