UGC Contract Tips for New Creators Negotiating UGC Contracts

7 Essential Tips for New Creators Negotiating UGC Contracts

Diving into the world of User-Generated Content can be thrilling yet complex, so we’ve gathered insights from experienced Content Creators and Bloggers to guide you. From specifying usage rights and duration to defining the scope of content use in contracts, explore these seven essential tips to safeguard your creativity and rights as a new creator.

  • Specify Usage Rights and Duration
  • Clarify Content Ownership Terms
  • Set Terms for Content Alterations
  • Negotiate Rights and Watch for Exclusivity
  • Outline Ownership, Compensation, and Attribution
  • Include Detailed Payment Schedule
  • Define Scope of Content Use in Contract


Specify Usage Rights and Duration

Define the type and length of usage rights.


One of the mistakes that creators make when it comes to UGC content is not defining the usage rights in their contract properly. Make sure to specify how and for how long your content will be used by a brand, so that you can charge additional fees when the brand desires to use your content for longer (or on additional platforms). This not only ensures that both sides understand the partnership better but also opens up more monetization opportunities for you as a creator.


Jana Trtíková, Travel Blogger, DreamyAdventurers


Clarify Content Ownership Terms

Ensure clarity regarding who owns the content once it is produced. Whether you maintain full rights to the content you create, they have full rights, or you agree on specific terms for how the content will and won’t be used, can significantly impact the outcome. 


If you want to use photos or any other portions of the content you’ve made, you’ll need to retain some rights to the content. If you are comfortable with them sharing your content in certain ways (such as on their blog and social media) but not in others (such as in a magazine or on a billboard without additional payment), you’ll want to specify those terms in the contract.


Emily E, Blogger, Wavy Hair Care


Set Terms for Content Alterations

New content creators should consider whether their content can be changed and shared with their name still attached. Changes might not fully represent them, and they might be unhappy with the changes. It’s important to clarify these terms in the contract to protect their creative integrity. This ensures they are comfortable with how their name and work are presented to the public.


AL Tran, Realtor, Blogger, and Author, DS Inspire


Negotiate Rights and Watch for Exclusivity

While getting paid is important, securing your rights in your UGC contract is essential. Don’t just skim through! Negotiate usage rights to limit how the brand can use your content. You might only want your video on some platforms for a while. Also, be aware of moral rights that protect your attribution and prevent edits that could distort your work.


Finally, watch out for exclusivity clauses. You should be able to use the same concept for another brand deal later. A good UGC contract protects both sides: the brand gets what it pays for, and you control your creative rights. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek help in understanding the contract before signing. Remember, building a long-lasting UGC career requires protecting yourself alongside getting paid.


Shane McEvoy, MD, Flycast Media


Outline Ownership, Compensation, and Attribution

One crucial tip I would suggest for new creators to consider in their UGC contract is to clearly outline ownership and usage rights. Specify whether the creator retains full ownership of their content or if the rights are transferred to the company upon submission. Include provisions for compensation, ensuring that creators are fairly compensated for their contributions based on factors such as usage, reach, and engagement metrics.


It’s essential to include clauses regarding attribution and credit for the creators’ work. Specify how the company will attribute the content to the creator, whether through bylines, tags, or mentions, and ensure that proper credit is given wherever the content is used. Acknowledging and honoring the creators’ contributions demonstrates the company’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and respectful environment for content creation.


A well-crafted UGC contract that addresses ownership, compensation, and attribution rights is essential for establishing a successful and mutually beneficial relationship between creators and companies.


Tim Woda, Founder, White Peak


Include Detailed Payment Schedule

A critical tip for new creators to keep in mind when drafting their UGC contract is to include a detailed payment schedule. Knowing when and how you will get paid is essential for managing your finances and planning your projects. 


Specify whether you’ll receive an upfront payment, a percentage upon delivery of the content, and the remainder upon publication or use. It’s also wise to include terms for late payments, such as interest charges or penalties, to ensure you are compensated in a timely manner. 


Clear payment terms can prevent misunderstandings and disputes, allowing you to focus on creating high-quality content without worrying about financial uncertainties. By having a well-defined payment schedule, you set professional standards and reinforce your value as a creator.


Gabrielle Yap, Senior Editor, Carnivore Style


Define Scope of Content Use in Contract

New UGC creators should clarify usage rights in their contracts to prevent unexpected or extended use of their content. A clear definition of the scope of use ensures that the brand can only use the content on the platform they originally posted on and for the agreed duration. 


The contract also protects the creator’s rights, stating how the brand can use the content, such as edits, duration, and platforms. When negotiating usage rights, consider factors like platform and duration, exclusivity, and modifications. By carefully considering usage rights, creators can ensure fair compensation and maintain control over their content’s presentation.


Faizan Khan, Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK

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