How To Start A Blog As A UGC Creator (Without Followers)

Looking to start a blog as a content creator / UGC Creator?

Here are some surprising benefits of posting on a blog vs on social media.

This includes making more money, better monetisation opportunities & better content reach through content repurposing.

The best thing of all? You don’t need followers to start & monetise a blog!

TLDR: Benefits Of A Blog As A UGC Creator

With a blog, creators can sell their website as a business instead of a personal project!

For 30-42 times your blog's monthly income (that's $30,000-$40,000 for a blog earning $1,000/month)

Creators gained 7 additional ways to monetise,
increase their content lifetime value to 2 years, instead of merely hours
& gain additional traffic from multiple search engines from content repurposing.

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Lifetime Value Of Content On A Blog

One of the major challenges faced by creators working on platforms like X, Instagram, TikTok, and others is the inability to directly monetize their UGC content.

Furthermore, the content’s lifetime value on these platforms is incredibly low.

You could be investing HOURS of work and only gaining traction for the few hours on Instagram, Tiktok, X.

Check out this statistics by Content Hacker.

lifespan of content

Content Repurposing For Search Engines


Many savvy creators transcribe their social media posts.

By doing this, they can enhance their search engine visibility (yes, there’s a lot more search engines than google) and maximize the value of their creative efforts. Here’s a screenshot from one of my blogs, optimising for multiple search engines!

7 Additional Ways Of Monetisation

Here are some reasons creators start blogs for more money:

  • Get paid for sponsored posts ($50-$450 on average)
  • Get paid for backlinks / niche edits ($30 to start)
  • ORM – blog posts to rank for brand keywords ($150 to start)
  • Page views monetisation
  • Generate leads through SEO for your content creation skills 
    Monetise your email list (beehiiv)

  • Sell your blog as a business
    (for x30-42 multiple of the income)