Brand Ambassador Case Study: $1404 USD Made From Charles & Keith Ambassador Program

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Hello everyone, I’m excited to join this creator community. My name is Zun Xin, but some people call me Pearlyn. I’m currently a university student studying marketing in NUS.

Here’s a brief case study on how I generate affiliate income by posting User-Generated Content (UGC).

Affiliate Income Case Study

Pearl, also known as Zun Xin, currently with only 400+ followers manage to make $1400 USD through Charles & Keith’s Ambassador Program.

There is a minimum follower requirement of 1k followers for instagram, which got her qualified to join the program.


Through TikTok Marketing, Pearl was able to generate income by leveraging Charles & Keith’s consistent and trending presence on the platform. She copied her coupon code and posted them on her TikTok, leading to increased sales.

None of her trending videos included user-generated content (photos/videos); they only featured her coupon code.

Her TikTok:

She posted on various platforms, including Lemon8 and Twitter, but TikTok has yielded the best results so far.

She has three trending videos with view counts of 15k, 15k, and 27k respectively.

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