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This unique approach to growth hacking, featured on, has been refined over the past 6 years.

All you need is a $10 domain + web hosting to get started.

Our creator bundle includes everything you need to get started as a brand new creator,
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sell your brand for 5-6 figures.

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We bought a domain, implement our method and got paid for it.

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Step-by-step Tutorial,
Direct Access For Consulting 📝

Learning how to be a creator can seem unnecessarily complex, especially for beginners.

This complexity is deliberate. Much like how airlines design uncomfortable seats to encourage spending.

Platforms want brands to pay, that's how they make their money.

Cut through the confusion, get direct answers to the question you have.

Passive Income & Leads, Revealed.

Here's how it got started.

I Sold My 5-Page Blog,
Six Years Ago, For $1600,
With 4 Hour’s Worth Of Work.

Yes, 5 pages. That’s all it took.

It was getting 30k/page views a month.
It was unmonetised.
It had no revenue.

I stumbled upon a
once-in-a-lifetime growth hacking strategy,
but failed to capitalize on it.

The new owner pivoted the whole site to a e-commerce store
& profited greatly from the passive traffic that comes daily.

I didn’t know better.

It was my 1st blog & I didn’t know better.

The Lesson?

Your content creation side hustle is a lot is WORTH A LOT more than you think.

Brands buy over entire blogs, digital products & services ALL THE TIME.

For x24 – 42 of the average monthly income from the past 12 months.

If you are making $1000/month now, selling ad space, digital product or services.

You can sell it for up to: $24,000 – $42,000.

Here’s The Catch..

You have to be a brand yourself.

A brand worth buying, a brand worth paying for, with longevity in mind.

A brand with a consistent history of organic stability,
ideally dominating a niche with very little possible downside..

Considering they will only breakeven if they hold it for 24 – 42 months –
there’s a lot of considerations to make.

Often there’s only a buyer if:

  • the service is productized, and can be outsourced/automated.
  • the business runs itself on SOPs OR can be improved further
  • There’s a unique advantage/moat in getting traffic against competitors

    (here’s where my growth hacking strategy comes in..)

The Unique Growth Hacking Strategy In Action

Productized Marketing Service.

Microtask was a productized service + digital products, and was generating 5k/page views a month.

With leads generating DAILY. 

We were previously a normal SEO service/agency,
with a pretty average portfolio as compared to the decade-old agencies.
With no organic inbound leads, i figured out a solution.

I solved the problem every creator / service provider have through growth hacking.

Not having to worry about acquiring clients,
and sales when you have a product that sells itself every month greatly simplified life & free up time.

Make your business work for you, not the other way around.

Regrettably, I had to file a police report & consult legal advice against my business partner, a long-time childhood friend from this venture. As a result, I no longer have access to the digital assets.

I was forced to restart again, and here are the results for the same growth hacking method in 2024.

I have implemented the same strategy for,
here are my results, daily, relevant leads generated.

Keyword search volume: 50k+/month.

and they are qualified leads that will BUY.

Yes, you can replicate my strategies to different domain names & industries.

This can be applied for majority of the creator niches.

The best part is?

You don’t need rare, expensive domains,
 all you need to get started is a $10 domain & web hosting.

And the results?

They can last for YEARS, without oversight.
Imagine passive income for YEARS on end – while you travel the world,
printing money.. like an ATM. 🏧

Why don’t I just do it the normal way?
Grow my social media & blog,
rank for the keywords,
create digital products.

In Comparison, my passive growth hacking strategy requires minimal effort to implement and can potentially save an estimated up to 80% of the expected expenses.

you just need to setup your brand ONCE to get passive leads & income.

Setup ONCE, benefit FOR YEARS.

And if you have tried growing on social media & other platforms – you know it is hard work.

A lot of daily, consistent work & scheduling.

Most of the time it wouldn’t translate as sales or income AT ALL.

And your competition?

More than 45 million creators doing professionally.

And 162 MILLION amateur creators.


The Problem With The Creator Economy..

Is that ANYONE, literally anyone..
can pick up a camera, write a tweet and be a creator.

It’s getting harder and harder to earn a living as a creator, even with followers.


Here’s How You Stand Out As a Creator Out From Your MILLIONS of Competitors,

And Grow A Brand That Gets Passive Income.. 

That Let You Walk Away From Your Work.. Anytime.

📌 Positioning & Naming your brand RIGHT.


🔍 It affects how google prioritizes your BRAND for FREE TRAFFIC.

💰 Your brand perception to charge a premium rate & stand out from competitors.

📰 How the media will feature you as an EXPERT.. for FREE.

🙌 Your customers will create UGC for FREE, building trust & authority.

🔗 The audience will link to you as a resource / go-to guide.

👀 It’s the first thing ANYONE sees – what people refer you by.

💼 The right position & brand name increase your business exit valuation.

🎯 The complexity of getting PASSIVE leads, daily.

All comes down to 1 simple foundational step nobody really thinks about.

Picking a traffic-heavy keyword domain name & naming it your brand, of course –
google knows this – and implemented many ways to make it harder for people to abuse this.

I’ve figured out how to navigate around this,
and have replicated this to multiple projects –
including The site you are reading on right now.

Getting HUNDREDs of leads & passive income, monthly.

Owing to my groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind growth hacking strategy,

I have been featured on, a popular hosting company in their SaaS growth hacking strategies article.

I have refined the process for the last 6 years, and today it’s available for preorder.

Inclusive Of Everything
You Need To Be A Passive Income Brand,
Even As A Brand-New Creator.

From $0 To Your Passive Brand.

As a token of my appreciation for your trust in me,

I am offering a pre-launch @ $47.

For my SEO lead generation & growth hacking strategy. 


SEO Lead Generation Masterclass

$97 $47/Presale
  • Passive Growth Hacking Method
  • Lead Generation SEO Course
  • Community Access & Requests

Setting Expectations & Who Is This For?

Who is this for?

  • Established businesses or creators generating at least $500-1000/month and having the stability to scale up.
  • Those able to deliver client work with a solid portfolio & functional software, but struggling with lead flow.
  • Digital product / e-commerce owners with winning products

Who is this not for?

  • Beginners with no experience in earning money online.
  • Businesses lacking a tested business model or monetization strategy.

We are deeply committed to customer satisfaction and their success.
SEO can become quite expensive and labor-intensive quickly.
If you cannot commit to it, we rather you spend time on revenue-generating task & revisit later on.

We will guide you on lead generation SEO, using proven methods to optimize your website’s visibility and traffic.

It’s important to note, however, that this doesn’t guarantee success for every keyword & industry. Ranking depends on various factors, including competition, relevance, and ecosystem dynamics.

This method works for most situations. Naturally, it won’t apply to all circumstances, which is when reaching out to me directly becomes necessary.

For instance, if you’re selling Notion templates and aim to rank for “Notion templates,” the chances are slim despite the search engine results pages (SERPs) having few backlinks. Each case requires individual analysis and strategy.

Unattainable Situation: 

If you’re aiming to rank for the keyword “podcasts” with a budget of $100, it’s unlikely to succeed. The cost per acquisition and the length of time your competitors have been in the field will determine the required expenses.

Realistic situations that applies:

  • UGC Creator trying to rank for “UGC Creator Singapore”
  • Localized, Productized Marketing Agency (trying to rank for specific keywords)
  • Local Wedding Florist (Do note, i’ve seen florists campaigns spend up to 10k/month on SEO)