Onlyfans Tip Menu Ideas & Examples

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OF Tip Menu Ideas: What’s it all about?

If you are new to Adult UGC Content Creation, you might be wondering what to sell/offer on your OnlyFans page.

Creating a tip menu is an easy way to tell your audience what’s available, and what’s they can purchase! Some creators make fan signs, whereas others purchase premade content.

Having a tip menu makes the process of monetising your audience much easier, it’s like having a rate sheet.

Adult Product Brands often check OnlyFans profiles to understand what they offer, so it’s beneficial to clearly state what you’re offering!

OnlyFans Tip Menu Examples

Pre-made Content

The good thing about OF is that the UGC content you created, can be resold over and over again to different buyers! Even if it’s a custom content made, you can repurpose it for other fans who might be interested!

This can include photos, videos, audio clips or written instructions/JOI.

It is an easy way to scale your adult content creator business!

OnlyFans Tip Menu Price ($)
Pre-made Video 10
Feet/Hands 13
Personal Message 5-8/minute
Live Chatting 15/minute
Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Content 20/minute

Custom Content

OnlyFans Tip Menu Price ($)
Custom Video (per minute) 10
Topless (add-on for Custom Video) 10
Strip Tease (add-on for Custom Video) 5
Say Your Name (add-on for Custom Video) 5
Include Feet/Hands (add-on for Custom Video) 5
Custom Audio (per minute) 5
Say Your Name (add-on for Custom Audio) 3
Phone call (add-on for Custom Audio) 10


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