[PAID] UGCcreator.com – Looking For Negative Creator Experiences and Insights

Hello creators,

We recently acquired ugccreator.com, and we would like to understand your experiences as a UGC creator & how it affects the entire content creation ecosystem negatively.

We are seeking 3-5 creators for each question to cover the following topics.

Each topic will not not exceed 5 questions and should include pictures or screenshots detailing the situation and event.

You won’t be creating the guide. Instead, we require at least 300 words to ensure your content is valuable as it will be used as a resource for other creators.

We would appreciate it if you could share personal quotes or experiences related to being an online content creator and producing user-generated content. This could surround topics like:

Here are some topics we intent to cover:


  • Getting scammed by fake creator jobs (with consequences, i.e impersonation)
  • UGC used in illegal/unethical endorsements (but wasn’t part of the deal)
  • Harassment & getting by having a social presence/creating UGC


  • Experiences with payment disputes and lack of proper compensation for the effort put into creating content. (1-2 more creators)
  • Negative feedback or destructive criticism leading to mental health issues among creators (1-2 more creators)

These insights will featured on our website & community, and guide/articles will be featured on schools resource pages, freelancer roundups, and marketing professionals to help others avoid the pitfalls of being a UGC creator, and how it negatively affects the content creation industry.

You can be anonymous in the report, as long as details are validated & well-documented.


How do I apply?

Reach Out On: victor(@)ugccreator.com
Email Title: UGC Creator Stories – (Include question) – (Name)
Payment will be via fiverr/upwork.

Here’s why we are working on this:

The pitfall of the influx of User-Generated Content (UGC) creators, which also enables UGC scams, is that unethical brands often exploit it to run campaigns for activities such as gambling and fraud. These problems arises more often as newer creators are more likely to fall for these.

Since the UGC Creator communities is newer and more active than other communities, the feedback we receive from them is usually more accurate and up-to-date.

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