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UGC Creator looking for brand deals & UGC jobs? You are in the right place.

Unlike other creator job boards, we focus on remote-work friendly jobs.

We normally put these jobs out for creators on our email list, but have decided to publish them for public access.

We cover all forms of User Generated Content (UGC).
From short form videos, reviews, blog posts, testimonials & user testing.

Given the constant influx of new creators, job hunting can be particularly tough. Browse our job board and make your pitch to brands already hiring & using UGC Creators!

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As the market gets more and more saturated, newer creators opt to replace their expenses through creating UGC instead of paying upfront.

Brands still do hire beginner UGC Creators at $150/video, which is the recommended rate in the market. 

As you grow into being a content creator with experience, these rates are up for negotiation. 

We have a UGC Creator course, priced for beginners – from setting up your portfolio, to closing your first brand deal.