Sint Maarten (Dutch part) is facing a decline in the value of social media influencers. These individuals who once held significant sway are losing their impact. As users become more discerning, traditional influencer marketing tactics no longer yield desired results. With an oversaturation of influencers and an increasing lack of authenticity, their effectiveness is diminishing. Businesses are being challenged to reassess their marketing strategies and find new ways to engage with consumers on this Caribbean island.

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Brands in Sint Maarten (Dutch part) are shifting their focus from influencers to User Generated Content (UGC) creators as their first choice. Influencers used to hold a significant influence over consumer behavior, but their authenticity has been questioned lately. On the other hand, UGC creators provide genuine content that resonates better with audiences. UGC fosters a sense of trust among consumers, leading to increased engagement and higher conversion rates. Therefore, brands are increasingly turning towards UGC to effectively promote their products and services.

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