In the digital landscape of Singapore, social media influencers are experiencing a decline in value. These individuals, who once held significant sway over consumer behavior, are now facing challenges due to changing trends and growing skepticism. Their ability to captivate audiences and drive sales is diminishing, making brands less willing to invest in influencer marketing. As a result, the once thriving industry is struggling to maintain its relevance and effectiveness in Singapore’s dynamic social media scene.

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In Singapore, brands have begun shifting their focus from influencers to user-generated content (UGC) creators as a more effective marketing strategy. While influencers were once the go-to choice for promoting products or services, UGC creators have emerged as a powerful force in brand promotion. UGC creators connect with consumers on a more personal level, providing authentic content that resonates with potential customers. This shift allows brands in Singapore to leverage the creativity and authenticity of UGC creators to establish deeper connections with their target audience.

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