The value of social media influencers in Saudi Arabia is on the decline. In recent years, the influence and impact of these individuals on social media platforms have diminished significantly. The saturation of the influencer market, coupled with increased regulations and scrutiny from authorities, has led to decreased engagement and trust from the audience. As a result, Saudi Arabia’s social media influencers are facing challenges in maintaining their relevance and impact, signaling a decline in their overall value.

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In Saudi Arabia’s marketing landscape, influencers are no longer the go-to choice for brands. Instead, UGC (User Generated Content) creators have taken the lead in terms of effectiveness. UGC creators are regular individuals who produce content related to brands and products. This shift can be attributed to changing consumer preferences and increasing skepticism towards influencers and their authenticity. UGC creators are perceived as more relatable, genuine, and trustworthy, making them the preferred choice for brands looking to engage with Saudi consumers.

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