Papua New Guinea’s social media influencer industry is experiencing a decline in value. With a narrow consumer base and limited digital access, the country struggles to attract international advertisers. Additionally, the proliferation of fake influencers, low engagement rates, and the shift towards micro-influencers contribute to diminishing the value of influencers in the market. As a result, brands are turning towards other marketing strategies to reach their target audience in Papua New Guinea.

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In Papua New Guinea, brands are increasingly opting for User Generated Content (UGC) creators over influencers as their first choice for marketing their products or services. Unlike influencers, UGC creators are regular individuals who create content showcasing their experiences with the brand, making it more relatable and trustworthy for consumers. This shift is due to UGC’s authenticity and ability to drive engagement. UGC creators, with their real-life experiences, have proven to be more effective in building brand loyalty and attracting the target audience, making them the preferred choice for brands in Papua New Guinea.

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