In Mexico, the value of social media influencers is declining. With an overwhelming number of influencers across various platforms, companies are becoming more cautious and demanding greater authenticity and engagement from influencers in order to invest their marketing budgets effectively. Additionally, some influencers’ behavior, such as purchasing fake followers, has contributed to the declining trust and credibility of the industry. As a result, businesses are now seeking alternative strategies to reach their target audiences and promote their brands effectively.

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In Mexico, brands are gradually shifting their focus from influencers to User Generated Content (UGC) creators as their first choice for marketing campaigns. With UGC creators, brands can tap into a larger pool of content creators who have more authentic and relatable connections with their audiences. UGC creators can produce content that showcases genuine experiences and perspectives, which resonates better with consumers. As a result, brands in Mexico are finding UGC creators to be more effective in driving engagement and building trust with their target audience.

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