Malaysia’s social media influencer industry has seen a decline in value recently. Influencers, once considered powerful marketing tools for brands, are now facing challenges due to oversaturation and a lack of authenticity. With an increasing number of influencers flooding the market, their reach and impact on consumers have diminished. Moreover, audiences are becoming more discerning, seeking genuine connections with influencers instead of overtly promotional content. This shift has led to a decrease in the perceived value of social media influencers in Malaysia’s marketing landscape.

Find UGC Creator in Malaysia

In Malaysia, brands are increasingly favoring User Generated Content (UGC) creators over influencers as their first choice for promotion. This shift can be attributed to the higher effectiveness of UGC in reaching target audiences. UGC creators have a more genuine and relatable approach, as they are ordinary consumers sharing their authentic experiences. This creates a more trustworthy and engaging connection with consumers, making UGC an invaluable tool for brands striving to build brand loyalty and increase sales.

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