Liechtenstein’s social media industry is experiencing a decline in the perceived value of influencers. This decrease is a cause for concern as influencers are seen as less effective in promoting products and services. The saturation of the influencer market, coupled with increasing skepticism from consumers towards sponsored content, has contributed to this decline. Companies and brands must now reassess their marketing strategies in Liechtenstein to maintain relevance and leverage more authentic means of communication.

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In today’s dynamic marketing landscape, brands are shifting their focus from influencers to User-Generated Content (UGC) creators. While influencers can certainly garner attention, there is a growing realization that UGC creators offer a more genuine and effective approach for brand promotions. UGC showcases real people using and endorsing products, resonating better with audiences who value authenticity. This shift allows brands to connect with consumers on a more relatable level and build stronger, longer-lasting relationships, making UGC creators the preferred choice over influencers.

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