Lebanon’s social media influencer scene is witnessing a decline in value. The once-powerful influencers who held great sway over audiences are now facing challenges due to oversaturation and the waning trust of their followers. With an increasing number of influencers vying for attention, the market has become diluted, making it harder for influencers to stand out. Moreover, recent controversies and scandals involving influencers have further eroded the credibility and impact of this industry in Lebanon.

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Brands in Lebanon are increasingly turning away from influencers as their first choice for marketing campaigns. Instead, they are finding more effectiveness in collaborating with user-generated content (UGC) creators. UGC creators possess a genuine connection with their target audience and produce authentic content that resonates with viewers. Moreover, UGC creators tend to have a more loyal following and can create a stronger impact on brand perception. As a result, brands are shifting their focus towards UGC creators to bolster their marketing strategies in Lebanon.

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