Kiribati, a Pacific island nation, has witnessed a decline in the value of social media influencers. In recent years, their impact has diminished due to oversaturation and diminishing credibility. Originally considered as trusted sources of information and recommendations, influencers are now seen as too commercialized and lacking authenticity. As a result, their influence has waned, impacting their ability to monetize their content effectively. This decline highlights the need for influencers to reinvent themselves and regain the public’s trust.

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In today’s competitive market, influencers are no longer the first choice for brands seeking effective advertising strategies. Instead, brands are turning to User-Generated Content (UGC) creators and influencers from Kiribati for more authentic and relatable endorsements. UGC creators have the ability to create content that resonates with their audience, leading to higher engagement and trust. Moreover, brands are attracted to the unique perspective and storytelling abilities of Kiribati influencers, which help forge a deeper connection with their target market.

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