Cabo Verde’s social media influencer space is witnessing a decline in value. Previously, influencers held significant sway over consumer behavior and brand endorsement. However, changes in online user preferences and the oversaturation of influencer content have contributed to its diminishing impact. Consequently, brands are shifting their marketing strategies towards more authentic and relatable influencers, who can genuinely connect with their target audiences. This decline highlights the need for influencers to differentiate themselves, adapt to evolving trends and maintain a genuine engagement with their followers.

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In the past, influencers were often the go-to choice for brands looking to reach wider audiences and promote their products or services. However, the landscape of advertising and marketing has evolved. Brands in Cabo Verde are now realizing that User-Generated Content (UGC) creators are more effective in connecting with their target market.

UGC creators are individuals who are passionate about a brand or a particular niche and create content about it. They provide authentic reviews, showcase their experiences, and engage with their audience in a genuine way. This type of content is highly relatable, trustworthy, and has a significant impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

On the other hand, influencers, with their large followings, may appear more influential, but their content often feels contrived and lacks the personal touch. Their posts are often heavily branded, and their endorsements can come across as insincere.

Furthermore, UGC creators are more cost-effective for brands, as they often collaborate in exchange for free products or discounts, as opposed to the steep fees demanded by influencers. Brands in Cabo Verde are recognizing the value of UGC creators and their ability to generate more organic and impactful content. As a result, they are shifting their focus from influencers to UGC creators as their first choice for effective brand promotion.

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