How to Be In The Top 0.1%, 1%, And 10% On OnlyFans

Are you wondering how to be in the top 0.1 OnlyFans creators? It depends on several factors. If you check the Twitter or Instagram profiles of OnlyFans content creators, you’ll notice the Top 0.1%, 1%, 10%, and so on. These numbers are significant to OnlyFans creators. The top OnlyFans tells about the marketing activities and overall performances of OnlyFans creators.


What are the Top 10% OnlyFans Content Creators?

OnlyFans models who belong to the top % of all OnlyFans creators are represented by a percentage. Only the creator can see this private figure. Hence, these are OnlyFans creators in the top 10% or 0.1% OnlyFans of all content creators on OnlyFans.

According to the FAQ of OnlyFans, the performance of a model is the basis of the percentage ranking. However, the FAQ did not mention how the percentage is calculated. What is clear is that factors affecting the percentage ranking include overall engagement like DMS, likes, comments, number of followers, and many more. Moreover, there are OnlyFans users who believe that earnings from the previous month are the basis of percentage calculation.

OnlyFans’ algorithm will compare the monthly earnings of models and other factors, then identify the placing of top models in the percentage ranking. OnlyFans uses percentage calculation instead of numbers because there are over five thousand creators on OnlyFans and it won’t look too good if one is ranked as 5784th.


What is the Meaning of Top Percentage of OnlyFans?

OnyFans creators who earn above $10,000 comprise the top 1%. These creators are the highest earners on the platform. How much should you earn to belong to the top 1%? While it is not possible to exactly know the exact figure, you may estimate by dividing the total revenue of all creators by the total number of creators.

Here is an estimation based on the data provided by an OnlyFans model: the top 10% earn around $1000 monthly, the top 1% earn around $6000, and the top 0.1% earn around $100,000.

OnlyFans charges a 20% commission from the total earnings of each model. And so, models should consider this fee when estimating an amount to reach the top percentage.


What Affects the Calculation of OnlyFans Percentages?

OnlyFans does not offer a clear and detailed explanation of how the percentage ranking is calculated. That is why determining the criteria used to calculate the percentage is quite challenging.


What are the Factors Influencing Your OnlyFans Ranking?

OnlyFans rankings are determined by several factors:

Earnings: OnlyFans’ unique algorithm determines your position in the ranking by comparing your earnings with other creators.

Engagement Levels: Higher engagement means a higher position in the ranking. Engagement is determined by the number of likes, comments, and direct messages that a creator receives.

Content Quality: High-quality content can attract more users and will surely improve your position.

Social Media Presence: A larger fan base on social media platforms like Instagram and X also contributes to a higher ranking.


What are the Success Factors to Reach the Top OnlyFans Percentages?

Power Position in Top Percentages: Normally, the top 10%, most especially the top 0.1%, have a power advantage on the platform. They attract more subscribers as compared to new models.

Social Media Dominance: Top OnlyFans creators can easily be successful in building a strong following on social media. In return, their social media presence can attract more subscribers.

Niche Focus: Models with a focus on a specific niche are more successful than those who aren’t niche-focused. 

Quality Over Quantity: Providing high-quality content can generate a lot of income. Top 1% OnlyFans creators understand well the demand-supply dynamics and the importance of making fans feel like they’re VIPs.


Why Choose UGC over OnlyFans?

Content creators from UGC and OnlyFans have different experiences when it comes to earning. UGC creators sell their content for $212 on average, but the median rate is $150. And so, new UGC creators can at least earn $150 per video.

Moreover, OnlyFans is already a highly saturated market making it difficult for OnlyFans creators to profit significantly from their content. It is undeniable that there is intense competition among OnlyFans creators resulting in lower income generation for creators on the bottom list of percentage ranking. In UGC, creators can expect a reliable revenue model and can be sure to earn $150 per video without the need for a solid fan base and consistent audience engagement. This makes UGC a better alternative for hopeful content creators who seek dependable earnings and less market volatility compared to the saturated and competitive market on OnlyFans. 



The personal relationship between every OnlyFans model and the top percentage can be good or bad for the models’ growth as it tells users which models are worth following based on overall performance. However, quality content is more important than percentage ranking. That is why OnlyFans no longer displays this on its main feed. This shows that OnlyFans wants its users to give more attention to quality over the top percentage. OnlyFans is obviously saturated. UGC offers a more reliable income stream. UGC creators can expect to earn $150 per video without a large following. 


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