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Job 1: UGC Creators for Video & Written Course

Looking for: UGC Creator Video Course Maker / Writer

We are creating a course to help everyday people become user-generated content (UGC) creators, enabling them to generate additional income on the side.

This is a beginner-friendly course, and will focus more on helping creators go from $0 to their first $1000 USD>

Main course:

Additional material:

Job 2: x5 UGC Virtual assistant / Community ambassadors (part-time)

We are hiring virtual assistants to help promote our course & community, as well as community partners.

Compensation: $3-7 USD/hour, daily/weekly tasks

Deliverables: Posting on Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook groups, Instagram, Reddit, Lemon8, Xiaohongshu.

Requirements: All countries accepted, but preferably Filipino or based in the Philippines with access to the Philippines FYP.

Must have an existing social presence of at least 100-1k followers on target platforms (Exception of Facebook) and experience serving UGC clients. Beginner-friendly, but must also have an aesthetic inclination as you will represent our brand.

If you are close to meeting our requirements, please feel free to apply.

Job 3: UGC Blog Article Writers

We are seeking long-term article writers for our website,, to create SEO-optimized content.

We prefer Filipino writers who have experience in creating UGC content and serving UGC clients successfully, as our target audience is Filipino.

Compensation: $20-40 USD/1000 words.
Deliverables: SEO-optimized article with provided keywords.

USP: Experience in travel, beauty, SaaS and pet UGC experience is a bonus.

Job 4: Gifted – Community Ambassador

Requirements: Written SEO blog review