The Future of User-Generated Content: 8 Experts Predict How UGC Will Evolve

The Future of User-Generated Content: 8 Predictions

Diving into the evolving landscape of user-generated content (UGC), we’ve gathered insights from founders and CEOs to predict the future shifts in this dynamic field. From the anticipated dominance of short-form video to the emergence of active engagement through live UGC, explore the eight significant changes these visionaries foresee.

  • Short-Form Video Dominance
  • Authenticity as Marketing Currency
  • AI-Assisted Content Creation Surge
  • Personalized, Interactive UGC
  • Community-Driven Content Curation
  • Augmented Reality UGC Integration
  • UGC Becomes Essential for Brand Marketing
  • Active Engagement Through Live UGC


Short-Form Video Dominance

As the owner of a video editing and marketing agency, one major shift I expect is a significant emphasis on video, particularly short-form videos. Social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook have already proven the power of this format of video user-generated content in capturing attention and driving engagement.


As more people use these platforms for entertainment and information, more businesses and creators will likely leverage short-form videos to connect with their audiences quickly and effectively.


This will also mean that our agency will need to be even more adept at creating compelling, short-form videos. It’s an exciting evolution that’s shaping how we approach digital marketing and content creation strategies moving forward.


Daniel Willmott, Founder,


Authenticity as Marketing Currency

The future of user-generated content is poised to be dominated by authenticity, which is fast becoming the new currency in marketing. Consumers today seek genuine, unfiltered experiences, making authentic photos and videos from real customers exceptionally powerful. Incorporating such content into marketing strategies fosters trust and forms a genuine connection with the audience. Evidence shows that showcasing real customer experiences can significantly enhance engagement and boost conversion rates. 


As consumers grow more discerning and skeptical of overly polished, staged content, it’s crucial for brands to acknowledge this shift. Embracing authenticity by encouraging customers to share their stories naturally and relatably is paramount. This approach not only meets the evolving demands of the market but also promotes a more trustworthy and engaging brand image.


Valentin Radu, CEO & Founder, Blogger, Speaker, Podcaster, Omniconvert


AI-Assisted Content Creation Surge

The future of UGC will see a surge in AI-assisted content creation. AI tools will help users generate high-quality videos, articles, and graphics with minimal effort, democratizing content production. This shift will lead to even more diverse and abundant content, enhancing the richness of online communities and the overall digital landscape. It’s like giving everyone a powerful creative assistant, amplifying their ability to contribute.


Alex Stasiak, CEO & Founder, Startup House


Personalized, Interactive UGC

I’d predict that user-generated content will become increasingly personalized and interactive in the future. As AI technology advances, platforms will be able to better understand each user’s individual preferences and interests. This will allow them to surface the most relevant and engaging user-generated content for that person.


For example, instead of everyone seeing the same trending videos or posts, feeds will be dynamically customized based on a user’s past viewing history, interactions, and even their current mood or location. User-generated content will feel like it’s speaking directly to you.


Additionally, I expect more interactive elements to be woven into user content, turning passive consumption into active experiences. Imagine being able to virtually try on an outfit from an influencer’s video or choose your own path in a fan-made story. User-generated content will become something you don’t just view, but participate in. The future will be highly personalized and engaging.


Gustav Nicholson, Editor, Ampifire


Community-Driven Content Curation

As the owner of an outdoor gym equipment company, I have seen firsthand how user interaction and feedback can shape and improve product offerings. In the near future, community-driven curation will be the cornerstone of user-generated content. This means content will not only be created by users but also curated and refined by the community itself. This will lead to higher quality, more relevant, and more engaging content.


When communities curate content, the result is often more polished and relevant to the audience’s interests and needs. At my company, we have started to implement community-driven curation for product feedback. By involving our customers in the refinement of our equipment designs, we have seen a big improvement in customer satisfaction and product innovation.


Lucas Riphagen, Co-owner, TriActiveUSA


Augmented Reality UGC Integration

User-generated content (UGC) is poised to undergo a notable shift toward augmented reality (AR) integration. As AR technologies advance, users will create and interact with content in immersive, 3D environments. This evolution will redefine digital experiences, blending virtual and real-world elements seamlessly.


UGC platforms will prioritize AR features, enabling users to craft richer, more interactive content. Brands will harness AR-enabled UGC for enhanced product visualization and consumer engagement, revolutionizing how content is both created and consumed in the digital landscape.


Matt Phelps, Founder & CEO, InkGen


UGC Becomes Essential for Brand Marketing

I think the change will be an even heavier reliance on UGC for brands of all types and sizes, and will not necessarily be specific to, or favored by, B2C businesses.


With social proof being such an important aspect of business marketing, and social media presence becoming not just vital but a requirement for businesses in 2024, there’s only going to be a stronger desire for proper UGC, which reflects what target audiences ultimately expect to see from authority brands in this digital landscape.


Wendy Makinson, HR Manager, Joloda Hydraroll


Active Engagement Through Live UGC

It’s clear that customers enjoy UGC—that’s part of the reason why it has become such an important part of our marketing and social media content. Customers want to engage with the brands and influencers they trust, and UGC is one of the best ways for this to be done. 


I think one of the major changes in the future of UGC is going to be a shift towards more active engagement. Things like live videos are already becoming very popular on different social platforms, and they give customers and fans an easy way to quickly engage with content creators and feel like they’re a part of a particular community.


At Gigli, we’ve been looking at ways to incorporate live videos into influencer marketing campaigns to create a real connection with audiences and improve the experience that those audiences have when it comes to engaging with content that’s related to our brand and the people we work with.


Kam Talebi, CEO of Gigli, Gigli

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