3 Free OnlyFans Menu Template: Ideas and Examples for Engagement

Informing your audience about your offer is how you persuade your fans to buy from you, and your OnlyFans menu is your selling strategy. If you decide to set up your menu just to have one, you are not straying very far from basic.

Enhancing an existing menu for your OnlyFans is recommended to capture more clients and boost their interactions.

Ideally, you should display your menu strategically because a catchy menu generates value and inclusiveness to your followers. You should employ the OnlyFans directory to have more of your followers come back for more of you.


OnlyFans tip menu: What’s it all about?

OnlyFans tip menu lists what services content creators provide or offer to their fans in exchange for payments. This maximizes your earnings in OnlyFans. To get the most out of it, you know?

Income from paying subscribers is very consistent, but you’ll also get some extra bucks if you play your cards right from maximizing your tip menu. This gives your fans clear view of what to expect from you and tempts them to engage with your content. If potential client find a series of options on your menu that caters their liking, they are more likely to purchase, leading to higher sales or earnings.

Try to think of it as if you are in a restaurant. Customers would love a variety of options on the menu to choose from before they order, right? And having options mean that you cater to exclusive experiences for specific individuals. That is why your menu should be more varied.

Even top-earning OnlyFans creators generate more earnings from tips and pay-per-view compared from their paid subscribers.


Decide what you’ll offer on your OnlyFans menu.

The concept of the OnlyFans menu is similar to a table of contents and services you offer with the price you charge. Some may call it the OnlyFans price chart or price list.

To create an effective tip menu, you must determine what you’ll exclusively offer, such as your extra unpublished spicy photo or video. This depends on how you can make things more interesting. Here are some OnlyFans tip menu ideas you might consider:

  • Dick Ratings. This offering is an ongoing trends in the world of OnlyFans involving a content creator to provide excessive admiration for your customers’ dick through text message or audio recording to affirm your customer feels confident with their body, as they (men) usually have low self-esteem.
  • Sexting involves a content creator to engage in a sexually explicit exchange of messages with a client. It may also include suggestive photos or explicit videos.
  • Erotic voice messages refers to where the creators record and send sexual audio messages to their fans.
  • Video dates are virtual meetings between a creator and a fan conducted via video call platforms such as Skype, Snapchat, or Facetime. These dates can range from casual conversations to more sexual interactions, depending on the agreement between the model and the subscriber.
  • Worn underwear are panties that have been worn by a creator for quite some time and are often sold on many different fetish platforms. Along with worn underwear, it can also be sold with pictures of the creators wearing it.
  • Custom photos and videos. Allows subscribers to personalize the content created by the creators.
  • The girlfriend experience. This service is for someone looking for companionship to stimulate their romantic or intimate relationship. The roles of being a virtual girlfriend include:
    • Sending erotic messages.
    • Sharing sexual pictures and videos.
    • Video calls.
    • Engaging in a role-play scenario based on the client’s request. 
  • Toy control sessions are where the subscribers control the intensity and tempo of the toy the creator uses. This gives the subscriber the power over the creator for some time while they are pleasing themselves.

Determine rates for your OnlyFans price menu

Rates in OnlyFans vary on the niche and content of a content creator. Some OnlyFans content creators only charge a  small amount and premade contents are sold for as low as $5, while more recognized creators would often charge up to $50 per picture. 

The $1 to $10 per minute charge for pre-recorded video content is reasonable since the efforts is made in advance. This content can be generic, and you can charge as low as you desire; therefore, more orders from lower-priced pre-recorded content means more profit. 

If you are doing customs, your charge should compensate for the time and effort you spent creating an order. 

You can always adjust your prices, but you shouldn’t do it as often. Constant changes make your customers feel uncertain of your credibility and make you look unprofessional.


How to make a menu for OnlyFans

Now that you have the idea of an OnlyFans tip menu, your profile calls for an attractive and practical OnlyFans menu.

Free online menu templates

New OnlyFans content creators should make use of the resources available online. Numerous free OnlyFans menu templates are available on the Internet, specifically on Pinterest, Reddit, and Canva. You can use the existing templates or customize it to your liking. Editing the menu template is highly recommended to fit your style, vibe, and theme in OnlyFans.

Buy menu template or hire a pro

Buying a ready-made menu template from an experienced OnlyFans creator or graphic designer would be a great idea to have a high-quality menu compared to free templates. 

An eye-pleasing tip menu can potentially attract higher sales and orders. The appearance of your menu matter in creating impression before a potential customers finally engage with your profile. 

While some premade menu templates are generic, you might need to find one that best suits your theme before you hire a freelance graphic designer to customize it to your liking. Although this option is promising, it is just more expensive than buying premade templates. Just consider your budget and how much you can/want to invest. 

D-I-Y OnlyFans tip menu 

If you have a creative eye for designing, the cheapest option would be creating the tip menu yourself. Designing your tip menu is the most practical option if you have experience in visual design. This option will cut your expenses than purchasing premade templates or hiring a professional. 


Creating an OnlyFans menu that converts

Learing the best practices for creating an attractive tip menu is crucial to boost your OnlyFans profile.

You have to be specific on what your service covers. It is important to state the inclusions and limitations of your service. For example, if you’re offering a girlfriend experience package. You should state the duration, actions, form of communication, social access, and such. The client should know what they can expect from the service that they are trying to avail themselves from you. 

You also have to keep things simple. Intricate detail on your tip menu can cause confusion and overwhelming decision-making for your potential customers. Fewer service options gives yourself less work and being able to provide a higher quality of service to your clients. 

Most importantly, set your boundaries. An OnlyFans creator should be comfortable with the services they offer. Setting clear boundaries in your profile or tip menu and sticking to them throughout your interaction with the client makes you appear professional and makes your work more valuable. 


3 Free OnlyFans menu templates

Here are three free OnlYFans menu templates that you can use for inspiration. Most individuals use Canva when creating their tip menu. This online editing tool is beginner friendly. 

OnlyFans Menu Template No. 1 – Cute candy-themed menu template available in Canva.

This template is created by UPVOTE.SHOP

onlyfans free menu example


OnlyFans Menu Template No. 2 – Hot red-themed menu template.

This menu template is owned by @KimmyKalani


OnlyFans Menu Template No. 3 – Sweet cherry-themed menu template.

This template is owned by EtsyUK.

carousel image 0


Maximize earnings with an OnlyFans tip menu

An OnlyFans creator must be strategic to achieve success.

In any market, quality service is important than quantity. A quality services ensures that you satisfy your client and make them happy to return for more. By limiting your service, you can provide a unique service that sets you apart from other creators. 

Offering a collective service is a tried-and-tested formula in OnlyFans. For pre-recorded photos and video tips, you can be creative in delivering your bundles and give discount to encourage clients to spend more. 

Interaction and engagement are crucial in running an OnlyFans page. It is also a way of promoting yourself and driving traffic to your profile. In the midst of competition, make sure to participate in Reddit discussions and reply to comments/suggestions on your profile to build an active audience. 

FAQs about creating a tip menu for OnlyFans

How do I make a tip menu in OnlyFans? Online editing tools like Canva can help you create a tip menu from scratch. You can also buy premade templates from existing experienced content creators or hire a professional graphic designer. 

Where to find OnlyFans tip menu examples? Reddit and Pinterest have plenty of free OnlyFans tip menu templates. You can also take ideas from the menu of existing content creators and take inspiration from them. 

Conclusion: The best tip menu ideas for OnlyFans

Here is the step-by-step process for making an OnlyFans tip menu. 

  1. Plan your content menu
  2. Create a price list
  3. Find a free OnlyFans menu template
  4. Customize your tip menu 
  5. Showcase your OnlyFans tip menu on your profile
  6. Specify your deliverables and limitations
  7. Promote on Reddit to increase traffic



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