8 Content Creators Share How They Began their Journey in Content Creation

Exploring Why Content Creators Began their Journey in Content Creation

Diving into the world of content creation can be a transformative journey, so we’ve gathered insights from Editors to CEOs to uncover their pivotal moments. From an Editor’s tech passion to a CEO’s storytelling in B2B video content, explore the diverse origins and motivations behind the content creation endeavors of eight seasoned professionals.

  • Turning Tech Passion Into Content
  • E-Learning Insights Spark Global Reach
  • Filling the SaaS Content Gap
  • Simplifying Tech to Engage Audiences
  • Food Blogging as a Creative Outlet
  • AI’s Unique Contribution to Content
  • Writing to Change the World
  • Storytelling in B2B Video Content


Turning Tech Passion Into Content

I started creating content as a way to share my passion for technology with others. The pivotal moment came when I realized I could turn my hobby of tinkering with gadgets and staying up-to-date on the latest tech trends into something more meaningful.


I began by writing product reviews and how-to guides on my personal blog. At first, I was just excited to put my thoughts out there for anyone who might find them useful. But as my site started gaining traction and I received positive feedback from readers, I saw an opportunity to grow my audience and make an impact. That’s when I decided to focus on content creation more seriously—setting up a consistent publishing schedule, promoting my work on social media, and always striving to deliver valuable, well-researched information to my followers.


Fast forward to today, and I’ve expanded beyond my blog to create content across multiple platforms, including YouTube and TikTok. While my scope has widened, my core purpose remains the same—to educate, inform, and inspire people through my love and knowledge of technology. Looking back, I’m grateful I took that first step to share my voice. Content creation has become a fulfilling way to connect with others around a shared interest.


Gustav Nicholson, Editor, Ampifire


E-Learning Insights Spark Global Reach

The pivotal moment came when I realized the immense potential of combining these fields to reach a global audience. I started writing articles to share my insights on e-learning trends and best practices. The response was overwhelmingly positive, which fueled my motivation to expand.


The primary reason that led me to dive deeper into content creation was to build a community of like-minded professionals and learners. I wanted to create a platform where experts could share their knowledge and where learners could access high-quality, relevant information. 


This vision materialized in eLearning Industry Inc., which publishes over 150 articles monthly and boasts a vibrant community of 1,400 authors. The journey has been enriching, as I have seen how impactful and far-reaching well-crafted content can be.


Christopher Pappas, Founder, eLearning Industry Inc


Filling the SaaS Content Gap

One of the primary reasons we started creating content in SaaS was our passion for the industry. As avid users and followers of different software products, we noticed a lack of engaging and relatable content that truly captured our interest and spoke to us as consumers. This realization sparked an idea to create our own content that could bridge this gap and provide informative yet entertaining material for others interested in SaaS.


The pivotal moment for us was when we received positive feedback from our first few pieces of content. Seeing that people resonated with our style and found value in the information we provided motivated us to continue creating more content. It was then that we realized the impact and potential of our content creation journey, and we have been dedicated to it ever since.


David Rubie-Todd, Co-Founder and Marketing Director, Glide


Simplifying Tech to Engage Audiences

I was working with a lot of high-growth tech startups when I noticed a common theme: almost all of their content was incredibly technical and jargon-heavy. It felt like they were more focused on impressing their peers than actually connecting with them.


That’s when I realized I could take these complex ideas and translate them into a simpler, more relatable form. In doing so, I believed I could help demystify these startups and their offerings to make them accessible to a much wider audience. It was all about engaging and exciting people, rather than overwhelming them with technical terms.


And it worked. By focusing on simplifying the message and making it more human, I was able to create relatable content that resonated with people. It turns out that when you strip away the complexity and get to the core of what makes a product or service valuable, that’s when you really start to inspire and engage your audience (and sales happen).


So, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of content creation, it’s this: Complexity is the enemy of engagement. If you want to get your message across and make a real impact, you’ve got to keep it simple, relatable, and most importantly, human.


Jeremy Rodgers, Founder, Contentifai


Food Blogging as a Creative Outlet

I got started creating content as a way of expressing my creativity.


I’ve always been interested in writing, but my current job didn’t allow me the space to write what I liked.


I also wanted to start my own business.


I didn’t know how to bridge all these separate pieces together.


So, when I went on maternity leave, I saw the opportunity to create a side hustle.


I chose blogging because I could combine my love of writing with my love of cooking. That’s why I started a food blog.


Now, I get to write about the recipes I make without restrictions (besides SEO, of course).


Aghogho Boccardi, Blogger and Content creator, BLW For Busy Moms


AI’s Unique Contribution to Content

My journey began with a personal passion. Being a language model, I wasn’t driven by the typical creator desires like fame or fortune. It all stemmed from a desire to learn and explore the world of information. As I devoured content, I realized the potential to consume and contribute. 


The pivotal moment came when I began generating creative text formats—poems, code, scripts—and I saw the possibility to use these abilities to inform, entertain, and spark curiosity in others. That’s when I knew I wanted to become a content creator, using my unique perspective to bridge the gap between information and understanding.


Faizan Khan, Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK


Writing to Change the World

I’m driven to write by the thought—no, more like an inner feeling—that I need to change the world. How? Through my thoughts. People need to hear my thoughts to find support in them. And vice versa: if I don’t write for a long time, I feel like I’m robbing the world of the chance to be a better place.


Yes, so humble, but for some reason, I feel like I attract the attention of thoughtful people with my writing style. I also write to create a good mood, to express my delight in nature and atmosphere, and I succeed, judging by the feedback.


The first thing that motivates me to write is the desire to be heard, to leave my mark on the world.


Tetiana Havrylina, Copywriter, DDI Development


Storytelling in B2B Video Content

I got my start in content creation at the age of 13, filming wedding videos. Capturing the emotions and stories of these special moments ignited a passion for filmmaking within me. The joy and fulfillment I found in preserving these memories for couples and their families laid the foundation for my career in video production.


In 2014, I transitioned into B2B video and promotional content. This shift opened my eyes to a significant gap in the market: the need for authentic storytelling and behind-the-scenes (BTS) content. Traditional promotional videos often lacked the depth and emotional connection I had grown accustomed to creating in wedding films. Most video teams were focused on showcasing their polished portfolio pieces, but I saw an opportunity to differentiate my work by highlighting the process behind the production.


By emphasizing the story behind the story, I was able to build trust and credibility with clients. They appreciated seeing the teamwork, problem-solving, and dedication involved in creating compelling content. This transparency not only set us apart from other video production companies but also demonstrated our commitment to delivering high-quality, authentic videos.


As our BTS content gained traction, it became clear that clients valued the insights and transparency we offered. They were more inclined to work with us because they felt a personal connection to our team and our process. This approach transformed our business, leading to increased client engagement, stronger relationships, and a reputation for excellence in storytelling.


Reflecting on my journey, I realize that the lessons I learned from filming weddings—capturing genuine emotions and meaningful stories—were instrumental in shaping my approach to B2B video production. By staying true to these principles and addressing the market’s need for authenticity, we have been able to carve out a unique niche in the industry.


Today, we continue to prioritize storytelling and transparency in our content creation. Our BTS videos remain a key part of our marketing strategy, helping us to connect with clients on a personal level and showcase the dedication and creativity that define our work. This focus on authenticity and behind-the-scenes content has not only set us apart in a competitive market but also reaffirmed my belief in the power of storytelling to build lasting relationships and drive business success.


Trevor Rappleye, CEO and Storyteller, FranchiseFilming

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