Community Ambassador Affiliate Program

From $0 To Your First Brand Deal.

We help complete beginners (web 2 & web 3) generate online income, from $0 to their first $1000 through UGC (Video, Tweets, Reviews etc)

After completing our course, we provide ongoing support by connecting our creators with job opportunities until they secure their first lucrative brand partnership or paid UGC deal.

We aim to maintain an active community and are seeking community ambassadors to contribute and enhance our resources, with the goal of becoming the industry’s leading course.

Affiliate & Commissions

We offer up to a 65% commission on selling & promoting our program.

Since we operate on a scarcity basis with limited membership slots, our commissions rise as the price of the yearly membership increases once the limited slots are filled.

Community Benefits

Community ambassadors receive lifetime access to our courses and membership. This includes lifetime updates for learning from other creators.

Whenever we launch a new SaaS product, such as AI Outreach, Brand Matchmaking, or FAQ Chatbot, community ambassadors will be given priority access.

As part of our program, we actively engage in securing brand partnerships. We do this by reaching out and communicating as a collective community, leveraging our combined influence and strength to attract potential collaborations and deals with various brands.

Contribution requirement: (For 65% commissions)

  • Contribute to the community (Share your success stories, tutorials, useful stock videos)


  • Include our website & resources in on your website (Can be a brand new blog post OR inserted into an existing blog post)

    We offer a default 20% if there’s no contribution to the community.

Sample SEO Blog Content Insertion & Backlink:

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Our Community Ambassador Form: