13 Brands Share their Best UGC Ads & What Made Them Stand Out

Delving into the world of user-generated content (UGC), we’ve gathered insights from Founders, CEOs, and Marketing experts to share their most successful ad campaigns. From showcasing real user experiences to the impact of artist events through testimonials, explore the diverse strategies behind these thirteen top-performing UGC ads.

Best UGC Ads & Their Use Case

  • Showcasing Real User Experiences
  • Client Testimonials Drive Engagement
  • Authentic Customer Excitement Wins
  • Challenge-Inspired UGC Boosts Brand
  • Unboxing Video Illustrates Service Value
  • Micro-Influencer Demonstrates Product Use
  • Fitness Center Gains with Authentic Testimonials
  • Fan Reactions Amplify HBO Series
  • Fitness Studio’s Transformation Stories Inspire
  • Speed Booster Feature Enhances E-Commerce
  • Coffee Moments Campaign Brews Success
  • Skincare Routines Reveal Authentic Results
  • Artist Events Impact Lives Through Testimonials


Showcasing Real User Experiences

One of the most successful UGC ads I’ve overseen was for a software start-up focusing on digital marketing tools. We asked our users to submit short video clips demonstrating how they used our analytics tools to enhance their digital campaigns. We compiled the best clips into a series of ads that were engaging, genuine, and educational.


The results were impressive. Within the first two months, we saw a 40% increase in software trials and a 25% rise in conversions to paid plans. The authenticity of real user experiences demonstrated the tangible benefits of our tools, which immediately built trust and credibility among new users. Our engagement rates for these UGC ads were 35% higher than those for our traditional advertising content.


What drove the success of this campaign was its authenticity and relevance. Users explaining how our tools elevated their digital marketing efforts resonated deeply with potential customers who were facing similar challenges. This real-world demonstration of our product’s effectiveness created a persuasive narrative, turning satisfied customers into compelling advocates and significantly boosting our marketing performance.


Joe Amaral, Founder and COO, Anthem Software


Client Testimonials Drive Engagement

One of our top-performing UGC ads featured client testimonials paired with their key success stats and a link to a detailed case study. This ad was successful because it provided a powerful, real-world endorsement that potential clients could relate to. 


By showcasing tangible results alongside authentic client stories, we built trust and demonstrated the value of our services, which led to a significant increase in engagement and inquiries.


Matias Rodsevich, Founder and CEO, PRLab


Authentic Customer Excitement Wins

One of our best UGC ads was a short video of a happy customer raving about our product while using it in real-time. It wasn’t polished or scripted—just pure, genuine enthusiasm. People loved it because it felt real and relatable, not like a typical ad. That authenticity sparked huge engagement and boosted our conversions significantly.


John Cammidge, PPC Ads Expert, JTC Google Ads


Challenge-Inspired UGC Boosts Brand

Among the paid ads, there was a user-generated content (UGC) ad campaign that went through the roof and outperformed all our other campaigns easily, and that was the #EcoWarriorChallenge (to promote our sustainable line of products).


We challenged our customers to post videos and photos using our sustainable products in innovative and purposeful ways and to upload their content with the hashtag #EcoWarriorChallenge on social media. The campaign worked because it was authentic, and people trusted the brand; they also had to see real customers use and recommend our products for new customers to trust that the product worked. Added benefit: The challenge format drove solid engagement and helped us spread the reach further by inspiring people to share their contributions with their followers.


One of the more memorable submissions was a family that utilized our products to turn their backyard into a sustainable garden. The result was content that was so genuine and visually appealing that it reached far more people, with the likes reaching thousands of views and shares. Our users, who were genuinely enthusiastic and creative about it, made the campaign appear so organic and relatable that soon hundreds and thousands of others joined the movement around our brand.


Not only did our social metrics get a huge boost over the period of the #EcoWarriorChallenge, but it also led to more sales as well as more brand loyalty. This campaign showed us firsthand how UGC can be used to create authentic connections and get people to engage in real, meaningful ways, solving one of our oldest problems: how do we show our customers that our products are worth it, from a user’s perspective, through the eyes of a customer.


Staci Anderson, Director of Marketing, Raynor Garage Doors


Unboxing Video Illustrates Service Value

One of our best-performing UGC campaigns was a straightforward yet powerful video made by a dedicated client, Jane, the owner of an online boutique.


In Jane’s video, she unboxes a Stallion Express shipment and talks about how easy it is to use, how fast our delivery times are, and how much money it saved her. She also talks about how our international shipping made it easy for her to expand into the United States.


Why was this ad successful? Three key reasons stand out:


Authenticity: Jane’s genuine passion and real-world experience with our products and services spoke to many small business owners who believe in the power of connecting with fellow small business owners who share their challenges and successes.


Relatability: Jane’s story is similar to many growing eCommerce businesses. Her success is proof positive of the advantages of Stallion Express.


Engagement: The video was captivating, with an engaging story and eye-catching content. It was easy to consume, share, and engage with, resulting in higher engagement rates.


Not only did this UGC ad increase the trustworthiness of our brand, but it also showed the real value of our services, generating substantial new customer inquiries and loyalty.


Jen Seran, Director of Operations, Stallion Express


Micro-Influencer Demonstrates Product Use

Out of the numerous UGC advertisements I developed, the one that can be considered the most effective for a beauty company involved working with a micro-influencer. This is related to the fact that she showed her audience how to use our skincare products in her daily life. She was real and, thus, natural in her presentation, which led to a high level of interactivity with the audience.


We used it because people followed her, and she gave recommendations about products. The video ad, with the engagement rate being 40% higher than any previous branded content, also led to a 25% increase in website traffic. Additionally, there was an increase in sales within the first month by about 15%, resulting from the ad.


Still, TikTok is not a problem, and the reason for its effectiveness was the influencer herself and the way she engaged her fan base and showed a practical application of the product in real life.


Eric Lam, Founder, Exploding Ideas


Fitness Center Gains with Authentic Testimonials

At AQ Marketing, one of our most successful UGC ads was a campaign we ran for a local fitness center in Woburn, MA. We asked members to share short, authentic video testimonials about their experiences, which we then edited into a series of engaging ads. The impact was immediate and measurable.


Within the first month, the fitness center saw a 35% increase in trial memberships. The authenticity of real customer experiences resonated deeply with prospective members, creating a high level of trust and relatability. This was evident as engagement rates on these ads were 50% higher compared to our traditional marketing content.


I believe three factors contributed to the success of this campaign. First, the realness of user-generated content naturally builds trust. Second, the specific call to action designed to bring foot traffic to the physical location created a direct path to conversion. Third, the targeted use of these ads on social media platforms ensured they reached the right audience. This example underscores the power of leveraging genuine customer stories to drive meaningful results.


Robert P. Dickey, President and CEO, AQ Marketing


Fan Reactions Amplify HBO Series

One of our top-performing UGC ads was for a campaign with HBO (Home Box Office). We capitalized on user excitement surrounding a major series premiere by encouraging fans to share reaction videos under the hashtag #HBOReact. The most impactful ad featured a fan’s raw, emotional reaction to a pivotal moment in the show. The genuine emotions resonated with audiences, driving home the engaging content of the series.


The campaign resulted in a 45% increase in social media engagement and a 30% bump in HBO Go subscriptions within the first month. The authenticity and emotional weight of the reaction video created a strong, relatable hook that traditional ads often fail to deliver. This user-generated content not only caught viewers’ attention but also organically encouraged others to watch and share their own reactions.


The key was tapping into genuine fan enthusiasm and leveraging it through targeted digital marketing strategies, such as PPC and social media ads. The authenticity and relatability of UGC can significantly amplify reach and effectiveness. It turns viewers into advocates, creating a powerful multiplier effect that’s hard to achieve with conventional advertisements.


Richard Carey, Founder, RCDM Studio


Fitness Studio’s Transformation Stories Inspire

One of the top-performing UGC ads my agency has executed was for a boutique fitness studio specializing in HIIT workouts. We encouraged members to share 15-second video testimonials showcasing their fitness transformations and favorite aspects of the studio. These videos were edited into a dynamic, high-energy compilation.


The campaign led to a 30% increase in new memberships within two months. The authentic, user-generated content resonated with potential clients because it highlighted real-life success stories, creating a high level of trust. Engagement rates for these ads were 45% higher than those for our traditional marketing efforts, showing the power of genuine client experiences.


A critical element of its success was strategic targeting. We used detailed audience insights to display these ads primarily to local fitness enthusiasts aged 25-40. By showcasing relatable, local success stories and providing an emotional connection, we created a compelling call-to-action that drove both engagement and conversions. Real testimonials from community members made the fitness journey seem attainable and inviting.


Matt Henderson, Co-Owner, Nesta System LLC


Speed Booster Feature Enhances E-Commerce

At BetterWeb.ai, one of our top-performing UGC ads was a campaign designed for a small e-commerce brand specializing in eco-friendly products. We invited customers to share videos demonstrating how they used our Speed Booster feature to enhance their website’s load times and accessibility. The most engaging clips were turned into a series of short, impactful ads.


This initiative led to a 40% increase in visitor engagement and a 53% surge in mobile traffic within just two months. The authentic customer-generated content showcased tangible improvements in website performance, which instantly built trust and credibility among new users. This was evident as the conversion rates for trial subscriptions improved by 35%.


What made this campaign particularly effective was its focus on real-world benefits. Customers saw how our technology could streamline their web operations, improving both speed and accessibility. This not only highlighted the practicality of our solutions but also established a strong emotional connection with the audience, turning satisfied customers into powerful brand advocates.


Guy Leon, Founder and CEO, betterweb.ai


Coffee Moments Campaign Brews Success

One of the top-performing UGC ads I’ve been involved with was for a local boutique coffee shop. We launched a campaign encouraging customers to share photos of their favorite coffee moments and experiences at the shop using the hashtag #BrewedByYou. These images were curated into a visually appealing and authentic ad series.


In the first month, the campaign drove a 32% increase in foot traffic and a 28% rise in online orders. The authenticity of customer-generated photos created an immediate connection with prospective customers. Seeing real people enjoying their coffee in genuine, unstaged moments generated trust and relatability. Engagement rates for these UGC ads were 40% higher than our traditional advertising content.


What made this campaign successful was its focus on real customer experiences and the emotional connection to the coffee shop’s community. By featuring our customers’ content, we amplified their voices, making them brand ambassadors. This approach not only drove engagement but also fostered a sense of community, encouraging more people to visit and share their own experiences. The combination of authenticity and community focus turned our customers’ love for the shop into powerful, persuasive marketing.


Christian D. Van Norden, Video Editor and Web Designer, Christian Daniel Designs


Skincare Routines Reveal Authentic Results

One of the top-performing UGC ads we’ve run at MBC Group was for a skincare brand called LumiGlow. We encouraged customers to document their skincare routines and share before-and-after photos using the hashtag #GlowWithLumi. These authentic visuals were then compiled into an ad series highlighting real user experiences and transformations.


Within the first month, the campaign fueled a 33% increase in product page visits and a 27% rise in sales. The genuine, unstaged content created a strong emotional connection with the audience and demonstrated the product’s effectiveness in a relatable way. Engagement rates soared, with these UGC ads achieving a 50% higher interaction rate than our traditional branded content.


What made this campaign particularly effective were two factors: authenticity and trust. Seeing real customers sharing their skincare results resonated deeply with potential buyers who valued transparency. Additionally, the campaign leveraged social proof, converting satisfied customers into influential brand ambassadors. This approach not only boosted engagement but also significantly elevated LumiGlow’s credibility and sales performance.


Matthew Montez, Founder, The MBC Group


Artist Events Impact Lives Through Testimonials

One top-performing UGC ad that we used at Gotham Artists was a video testimonial campaign featuring real customers sharing their stories about how our artist events positively impacted their lives. This ad was successful because it harnessed authentic voices, which built trust with our audience.


People tend to relate more to genuine experiences rather than polished corporate messaging. Also, the raw, unscripted nature of the testimonials made the content highly engaging and shareable, helping it to reach a wider audience organically. By showcasing real success stories, we were able to effectively demonstrate the value and impact of our services in a way that resonated deeply with potential clients.

Austin Benton, Marketing Consultant, Gotham Artists

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