Expert Roundup: What Is the Best Social Media Platform for Your Industry?

Expert Roundup: What Is the Best Social Media Platform for Your Industry?

Navigating the vast landscape of social media can be daunting, especially when trying to pinpoint the best platform for your industry. We’ve gathered insights from CEOs and founders to share their top picks. From the visual appeal of Instagram and TikTok for e-commerce to the targeted reach of Facebook for locksmiths, explore the diverse perspectives of ten industry leaders on the social media platforms that drive their success.

  • Instagram and TikTok for E-Commerce
  • LinkedIn Dominates Professional Networking
  • Reddit: Tech Community’s Top Choice
  • LinkedIn for B2B Networking and Content
  • Snapchat Engages Sportswear Enthusiasts
  • LinkedIn: Hub for Professional Insights
  • TikTok Showcases Video Editing Prowess
  • LinkedIn for Digital Marketing Connections
  • Instagram Inspires Wedding Flower Industry
  • Facebook Targets Locksmith’s Key Demographics


Instagram and TikTok for E-Commerce

Choosing the best social media platform for your industry requires an understanding of your target audience and the unique nuances of each platform. For e-commerce, I find Instagram to be highly effective due to its visual-centric nature, which is ideal for showcasing products. The use of Instagram Stories and Shop features can drive customer engagement and facilitate direct purchases. 


Additionally, TikTok has proven pivotal in capturing the younger demographic with its authentic short-form videos that can go viral, thus expanding reach organically. Analytics tools on both platforms offer valuable insights into audience behavior and campaign performance, which help in fine-tuning strategies. 


Establishing a presence on the right platform can significantly boost awareness and sales, making e-commerce a thriving arena. My personal experience with leveraging these platforms has consistently shown remarkable improvements in customer engagement and conversion rates.


Valentin Radu, CEO & Founder, Blogger, Speaker, Podcaster, Omniconvert


LinkedIn Dominates Professional Networking

For our industry, LinkedIn is unparalleled as a social media platform. We target professionals and executives, and LinkedIn’s professional network is filled with the key players we aim to reach. The platform’s focus on business content and networking opportunities makes it the perfect place to engage with our target audience and enhance our industry presence.


Matias Rodsevich, Founder & CEO, PRLab


Reddit: Tech Community’s Top Choice

For TROYPOINT, where tech and digital solutions are at the forefront, Reddit has proven to be the best social media platform. Its community-based structure allows for in-depth discussions and feedback on tech trends, cybersecurity, and streaming solutions. The platform’s format supports detailed, technical conversations and peer-to-peer assistance, which align perfectly with the interests and needs of our audience, enhancing engagement and fostering a community of knowledgeable and passionate users.


Tyler Hall, Developer, TROYPOINT


LinkedIn for B2B Networking and Content

LinkedIn is the best platform for our industry because it caters to professionals and B2B interactions. Its features support networking, thought leadership, and content marketing, making it ideal for connecting with industry peers and potential clients. The professional environment ensures that engagements are meaningful and aligned with our business goals.


Alex Stasiak, CEO & Founder, Startup House


Snapchat Engages Sportswear Enthusiasts

I think Snapchat is the best social media platform for the sportswear industry. We can show our products in action, work out, and share user-generated content that showcases the active lifestyle we promote.


The ephemeral nature of Snapchat allows us to have real-time connections with our audience. Behind-the-scenes, daily fitness tips, and real-time event coverage create a sense of community and urgency with our followers. The creative tools like filters, lenses, and geotags give us ways to engage with our users and promote our brand. These tools help us tell our story and make our content more interactive and shareable.


Snapchat’s dynamic and youthful platform is the perfect match for our sportswear brand, allowing us to engage authentically with a community that values fitness, fun, and innovation.


Jay Barton, CEO & Founder, ASRV


LinkedIn: Hub for Professional Insights

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for my industry. It’s a hub for professional networking, sharing industry insights, and engaging with thought leaders. The platform’s focus on business and professional development makes it ideal for connecting with potential clients, partners, and top talent. LinkedIn’s features, like targeted ads and detailed analytics, help in effectively reaching and engaging our audience.


Tornike Asatiani, CEO, Edumentors


TikTok Showcases Video Editing Prowess

As the owner of a video editing and marketing agency, TikTok is hands-down the best social media platform for our industry. Its focus on short-form videos aligns perfectly with our expertise in creating impactful, visually engaging content. TikTok offers a fantastic marketing venue where we can showcase our video editing skills in a format that grabs attention quickly and encourages sharing.


Plus, the platform’s algorithm helps content reach a wider audience organically. This is essential for boosting visibility and attracting potential clients who are looking for innovative video and marketing solutions like ours.


Daniel Willmott, Founder,


LinkedIn for Digital Marketing Connections

I think the best social media platform for our industry, digital marketing, is LinkedIn. It’s the go-to place for professionals and businesses looking to connect, share insights, and find opportunities.


In my opinion, LinkedIn’s focus on professional networking makes it ideal for reaching decision-makers and showcasing industry expertise. The platform’s features, like articles and detailed posts, allow us to share in-depth content and thought leadership, which resonates well with our target audience of agency owners and marketing professionals.


I believe LinkedIn’s analytics and targeted advertising options also provide valuable insights and reach, helping us refine our strategies and connect with the right people effectively.


Andrew Lee Jenkins, Owner, Catalyst RVA Marketing Agency


Instagram Inspires Wedding Flower Industry

Instagram is the best social media platform for the wedding flower industry. Its visual-centric nature allows me to showcase the beauty and intricacy of our artificial bridal bouquets in a way that words simply cannot capture. The visual aesthetics inspire brides-to-be, and Instagram’s engagement features like stories, reels, and direct messaging make it easy to connect with potential clients. The platform also helps us build a community around our brand, fostering trust and loyalty with our audience.


Ketie Zhang, Founder, Ketie Story


Facebook Targets Locksmith’s Key Demographics

Facebook is by far the best social media platform for our locksmith business. The reason is simple: our target audience is there. With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers an unparalleled reach. Most of our customers are homeowners and car owners between the ages of 25 and 55, and statistics show that 70% of online adults in this age range use Facebook.


Plus, Facebook’s advertising capabilities are unmatched. We can target specific demographics, interests, and even behaviors to ensure our ads are seen by people who are likely to need our services. For example, we can target people who have shown an interest in home improvement or automotive services. We’ve seen a significant increase in website traffic and phone calls since we started using Facebook Ads. And with Facebook’s tracking pixels, we can measure the effectiveness of our ads and make data-driven decisions to optimize our campaigns.


Eli Itzhaki, CEO, Keyzoo

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