How to be a UGC Creator?

A user-generated content (UGC) creator is an individual who actively participates & create in content within a community or brand on social media, review platforms & their blog.

UGC Creators contribute their own knowledge, skills, or expertise on a particular topic, often through user-generated videos, photos, comments & blogs.

UGC creators play a vital role in fostering in establishing brand trust & creating UGC content to influence purchasing decisions.


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What do brands use UGC Creators for?


Direct Sales - Video Content Bank

UGC video content is often used in meta & tiktok ads, or as instructional videos on shopping platforms.


Build Trust with UGC Reviews

Ever look at the reviews for local businesses? UGC Creators are tasked to create written reviews to influence purchasing decisions.


UGC Comparison Blog Posts

Brands often seek blog features for backlinks and increased visibility, enhancing search engine rankings and customer reach. Leading to more signups and sales.


Brand Ambassador & Affiliate Marketing

Many brands uses affiliate marketing to incentize an alternative revenue stream & encourage UGC content creation.


Testimonials & Walkthroughs

Many brands utilize user-generated content (UGC) creators to provide testimonials or walkthroughs to endorse their products.

Why Should I Be A UGC Creator?

UGC Creator Perks:

Being a UGC creator comes with a multitude of benefits. Not only does the content sell itself around the clock, but creators also have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

  • Sells itself, 24/7, 365 days a year 
  • Remote working, work from anywhere in the world!
  • Easily scale into multiple source of income (Brand deals, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, digital products) 
  • FREE products 
  • FREE Travel & Stays
  • FREE Food Tasting & Food Collabs
  • Invitation To Private Events
  • Networking Opportunities

If this aligns with your goals and the lifestyle you want to create,

Consider our UGC Creator Course & Certification before we increase our prices again!

UGC Creator
Data & Statistics:

Why do brands love UGC?

You might be wondering about the effectiveness of UGC creation in today’s digital age. Well, consider these stats.

You can read more statistics here:

UGC Creator Guide

The Difference Between UGC Creators & Influencers

You might ask how UGC creators differs from an influencer’s role. While both create content, their approach varies significantly.

UGC Creators can start creating content and making money off it without an existing following, they are paid for their content creation skills & not reach.

Influencers often require an existing following to product products or services, making them more akin to celebrities.

They thrive on platforms where viewerships & follower count matters more like Instagram & Tiktok.


User-Generated Content Creators


Social Media Influencers

How to Start Being a UGC Creator?


Researching UGC Brands and Niches

The first step is getting to know how things work in the content creation & UGC scene.

You need to figure out which brands align with your values and interests, and if that said brand work with creators.

You also need to pick a niche – an area where you can truly passionate in. Bear in mind, instead of trying to be all things for everyone, it’s better to focus on becoming a standout figure within one specific area or industry, i.e beauty or tech.

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Learn To Create UGC & Their Tools!

Your simple iphone camera might do the trick initially, but as you progress, investing in quality filming equipment becomes essential.

Some creators upgrade to the latest iphone with additional lens, however as you develop as a content creator - you will upgrade to something that's suits you better.

There are different forms of content creation, from vlogs to blogs. Upgrade your UGC Creator stack accordingly!

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Building a UGC Portfolio and Pitching to Brands

Create UGC content that showcases your unique skills – this serves as your UGC portfolio when pitching yourself to brands.

Next comes one of the most important steps: reaching out directly or via platforms.

The goal is clear: make them see how working with you benefits their brand.

  • Be genuine; authenticity sells better than anything else.
  • Show off past UGC collaborations if possible; nothing speaks louder than success stories.
  • It’s not the quantity of followers you possess, but rather the quality of value you bring that truly matters.

Follow these steps and who knows? You could be on your way to becoming a top-notch UGC creator.

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UGC Creator FAQ

What is a UGC creator & how do I start?

UGC Creator create user-generated videos, photos, comments, reviews and posts for brands.

To start, research brands that engage in UGC creators & what they pay for!

Start creating content & learn the ropes, build a UGC portfolio & start pitching!

How many followers do you need to be a UGC creator?

The number of followers isn’t important in UGC creators; as they are paying for your content quality & not the reach.

However, having followers might increase appeal to brands looking for wide exposure.

How do brands pay UGC Creators?

Brands typically pay UGC creators based on the project’s scope and complexity. 
For normal UGC videos, they start from $150/video, to $450/3 videos. 
This is typical for UGC videos used as an ad.

The arrangement depends on what format & what will the UGC videos be used for.

Blog posts, vlogs, reviews & tiktoks are commonly paid as well.

Can I make money as a UGC creator full-time?

Yes! There are full-time UGC creators making 2-10k+/months. 

However, these are exceptions in the industry, most creators do UGC as a side hustle or an additional upsell to their existing services.

Many UGC creators are bloggers, influencers, vloggers, youtubers & virtual assistants as well.

How Do I Find UGC Opportunities?

You can find UGC opportunities on facebook, instagram, tiktok, reddit & various UGC platforms. 

Our community curates jobs for creators as well!

Can an Actor do UGC?

Yes, there are actors who do UGC as a side hustle.

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UGC Content Creators: Why Join A UGC Creator Community?

Network with
other UGC Creators

Building relationships with other User-Generated Content (UGC) creators can provide collaborative opportunities & introduction to brands hiring for UGC Creators, inspire new UGC content ideas, and improve your engagement.

Get UGC Brand Deals

In our community, we get UGC Creator brand deals curated from all over the internet. Brands themselves can join our community to find creators!

Improve & Learn with our UGC Creator Course (coming soon!)

Our UGC course is designed to equip you with the skills to create engaging and high-quality UGC content, boosting your visibility with brands and attractiveness to brands. 


How do I know being a ugc creator is the right career path for me?

A lot of people try to be a ugc creator on their own, but they are often come up with the same struggle as everyone else. Many aspiring creators face the same few challenges. Here are some common problems.

  • Content Creation is too hard
  • I don’t have the skills to learn to be creative
  • My content isn’t good enough

These are the common things beginner UGC Creators think about, and struggle with.

Being a user-generated content creator doesn’t necessarily mean having content creation skills or continuously generating new creative ideas to stand out on the market.

In fact, anyone can be a creator. The best part about being a UGC Creator is that it’s not your content creation skills or your creativity, but your ability to create content that will influence someone’s purchasing decision in the end.

You don’t need to come up with groundbreaking ideas or generate content that’s never been seen before. Instead, focus on expressing your unique perspective and experiences. This authenticity is what resonates with audiences and makes you a successful creator.

And being a creator, has creator perks too.

UGC Creator Perks: What Are The Benefits to being a User-Generated Content Creator?

Remote working: Being a UGC Creator allows you to work from anywhere you want. You could be earning USD, and working in Thailand on holiday, there’s no restrictions to earning!

Sponsored Travels & Stays: With a Travel User-Generated Content (UGC) Creator portfolio, Airbnb accommodations and hotels are often willing to sponsor creators for complimentary stays in exchange for photos and reviews.

Scalable Income: Being a UGC creator allows you to get paid first, while you grow your personal brand – people who often start as a UGC creator always end up building an audience, blog and digital products.

Creator Perks: Being a creator gives you better networking opportunities & private event invites, this includes exclusive media tasting, brand launches & parties 🎉

UGC Creator Types: What type of UGC do brands pay for?

If you’re not the typical visually-aesthetic creator that’s commonly seen on the internet, that’s perfectly fine!

UGC creators are paid for a variety of user-generated content types, including but not limited:

  • Physical Product reviews: Brands often pay creators to review their products to share their honest review of their product
  • Website / Digital Product Reviews: SaaS and digital template products often encourage creators to review them in exchange for discount or monetary compensation
  • Web 3 Project Reviews: Creators are often paid to review web 3 projects for UGC content. (Youtube, Tweets or blog posts) regarding their audience with information on the project’s benefits, use cases, and potential drawbacks.
    They generally look for more technical approach to their UGC content, and often pay well as their standard currency is in USDT/USDC.
  • Google Reviews: Just like Yelp, businesses often encourage creators to write comprehensive and positive reviews on Google. Google reviews can will impact a company’s online reputation and visibility on Google’s search engine, as they influence consumer’s perception of the brand – generally creators are rewarded in media tasting & discount codes.
  • User/video testimonials: Brands will pay creators to share their personal experiences with products or services, providing a relatable and authentic perspective. It’ll be used in case studies or rewards.
  • Video UGC posts: These are posts where the creator promotes a product or service in return for payment, it’ll be used in ad campaigns usually.
  • Affiliate marketing: In affiliate marketing campaigns, creators will promote a product or service and earn a commission for any sales made through their unique affiliate link/code.
  • Brand ambassadorship: This involves creators becoming the face of a brand, promoting it consistently across their content and often having a long-term relationship with the brand, earning affiliate income.
  • Contests and giveaways: Brands collaborate with creators for contests or giveaways, offering their products or services as prizes to the creator’s audience, the reward is generally on followers instead of cash compensation.
  • Collaborations: Creators and brands can team up to create unique content that promotes a product or service, benefiting both parties. No compensation given.

Conclusion: Get Paid As A Creator.

Being a UGC creator can be rewarding, considering the numerous benefits such as scalable income, brand collabs, sponsored trips & travel, and remote working. However, it requires significant effort, creativity and strategic planning.

However, most creators take the first step wrong.

They try to do everything themselves.

Instead of struggling on your own trying to become a creator, consider joining our program. We offer a structured and supportive environment designed to nurture your creative abilities and help you overcome typical challenges.

Our program guarantees that you will become a creator within 3 months. By providing expert guidance and resources, we aim to fast-track your journey and ensure your success in the creator space.